Horoscope for January 2020: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Horoscope for January 2020: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Astrologer Ksenia Gennek compiled a love horoscope for January 2020 especially for Wedding readers. Look for your zodiac sign and read what the stars have in store for you this winter. We have not deprived anyone of attention, the horoscope was drawn up both for those who are in a couple and for those who are still free.


For representatives of this zodiac sign, January in terms of personal life will not be the brightest month of the year. In the first half of the month, Aries can expect romantic acquaintances on trips and on social networks. If you are a lonely Aries, then an active social life is what you need in January.


For family Taurus, the first half of January is a time of family idyll. Although this family idyll is definitely worth adding experimental notes. This approach will only strengthen your relationship. The second half of the month risks bringing conflicts, but they will not last long. Free Taurus dating is suitable for the period after January 14th. A lot of travel and communication, and the atmosphere of flirting and romance will not pass you by.


In Gemini, the first month of the year in the direction of personal life is expected to be more than active. Until mid-January, the likelihood of passionate love is high. Fateful acquaintances in this regard can occur in places of recreation and entertainment. If you are a Gemini in a couple, then the risk of misunderstandings is increased throughout the month. This is due to the influence of Mars on the relationship sector in your horoscope. To reduce the stressful influence of the planet, joint physical activity or physical labor is suitable.

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Cancers will be lucky to flirt, and possibly to the beginning of a romantic relationship in the workplace. If you are a lonely Cancer, pay attention to a colleague who has long been breathing unevenly towards you. The second half of the month in Rakov’s life will be filled with romance and love interests. Relationships Cancers, who have long tied themselves by family ties, will go through a difficult period. Significant transformations may be required, otherwise there is a risk of a difficult breakup. However, this applies not only to January. However, the background to a tense situation in an already formed relationship will be the possibility of creating something new, if, of course, you decide that your current relationship has become obsolete.

a lion

The first half of January is suitable for serious acquaintances, those that are likely to develop into a strong relationship. If you are a family Leo, then the relationship will be filled with warmth and mutual support. After January 12, the personal life of lonely Lions will sparkle with bright colors. The likelihood of a passionate adventure will increase, and Leos will have to be torn between work questions and thoughts about their new hobby.


The life of Virgos has been very diverse and active lately. The same definitions can be used to characterize the personal life of Virgos in January. But if the first half of the month is about burning passion and, to a greater extent, sexual hobbies, then the second is about a more serious relationship, about the opportunity to start an important relationship for you. If you are a family Virgo, then transformations in personal relationships are inevitable. They can be caused by any difficulties in life, which, when deliberately resolved, only strengthens your relationship.

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The first half of January for Libra is the ideal time for long journeys. Moreover, if you do not mind meeting a charming foreigner. Family Libras will also benefit from a trip together, and it is good if it is associated with outdoor activities, so you can reduce the risk of quarrels. In the second half of the month, many Libra will be drawn to sexual adventures.


For Scorpios, the first month of the year as a whole will not be the most significant in terms of personal life. The first half of the month can bring acquaintances in government agencies or an affair with the boss. The second half of January is suitable for long journeys, where a love adventure is unlikely to pass you by.


Sagittarius will spend a lot of time in a friendly company, where they can find an attractive person who will reciprocate them. This is especially true in the first half of January. Some Sagittarius will decide their relationship is over and end it with “let’s be friends”.


In the first half of the month, Capricorns may lose their head from a new acquaintance / s, with whom fate will bring them together on the Internet. And these feelings can develop into something very strong by the end of the month. Nevertheless, you should be on the lookout and not give in to too much illusion about this relationship. The second half of January can be marked by flirting with friends.


Aquarians will be especially attractive to the opposite sex in the first half of the month. And this moment is worth taking advantage of. The second half of January can drag the representatives of this sign into a love pool, from which it will not be so easy to get out. For your own good, try to stay sober.

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Pisces will be in their element – in an atmosphere of romance. The middle of the month can bring bright feelings to lonely Pisces and, as a result, the birth of new relationships. By the last third of the month, these feelings will get stronger, and Pisces will grow wings. What will come of these relations – February will show.

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