Horoscope for February 2020: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Horoscope for February 2020: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Astrologer Ksenia Gennek compiled a love horoscope for February 2020 especially for Wedding readers. Look for your zodiac sign and read what the stars have in store for you this winter. We have not deprived anyone of attention, the horoscope was drawn up both for those who are in a couple and for those who are still free. And here you can read the horoscope for 2020.


The first decade of the month saves Aries the risk of falling headlong in love. But beware, everything is not what it seems. In the second half of the month, the illusory veil will leave their eyes, and Aries, with their usual courage, will begin to look for new love adventures and will undoubtedly find them. And all because they will be magically attractive in the eyes of others. For those who are in a couple, this is a good time to strengthen family relationships.


In early February, the activity of single Taurus on social networks will not pass by and will bring them a pleasant acquaintance. In the second decade of February, Taurus, who are in a strong relationship, will be busy with issues that are far from matters of personal life. Free representatives of this sign can expect a mystical acquaintance on the network, and even more likely – on a long trip.


In the first decade of February, Gemini should be careful. You can be pulled into a relationship with your boss, which, on the one hand, will bring strong passion, but on the other hand, it will not be so easy to get out of these shackles. For those Gemini who are in a pair, there is a period until mid-February when a partner can take the opposite point of view on an issue that is significant to you. In the second half of the month, you may have a passionate romance with someone you thought was just a friend.

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Until February 8th, Cancers will be too sensitive to the actions of their beloved. Nevertheless, they will often be forgiven. The second half of the month for the family representatives of this sign will not be the easiest: the conflict will escalate, to which Cancers have tried not to pay attention for a long time. However, with some effort it can be resolved.

a lion

Lions will have stormy romances in the first decade of the month. And first of all, because of their own initiative, which the representatives of this sign will actively show. But the second half of the month in terms of personal life will be calm (as far as possible in February). All Lvov’s attention will be occupied by work issues, although this, of course, does not exclude the development of a romantic story in the same work collective.


But Virgos will hardly be able to get away from love affairs in February, as, incidentally, not only in February. The beginning of the month will present opportunities for promising acquaintances, and the second half of the month, if a single Virgo misses the above opportunities, will be indicated by relationships of a specifically expressed sexual nature. But if you are a Virgo in a pair and all of the above is of little interest to you, then the influence of the planets can be used for creative self-realization.


The best time for constructive dialogues with your partner is the second half of February. The time has come to discuss all the burning issues. For single Libra, this time is not suitable for starting a relationship, for registering a marriage or starting a joint residence.

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In February, Scorpios will rejoice. And all because they will experience the full range of feelings and emotions that they love so much – passion mixed with pain. From the second half of the month, one should not pin too high hopes on new connections. This is very likely a temporary hobby. In general, February for you is a time of love adventures.


Household chores will consume Sagittarius in the first ten days of the month. Since mid-January, the situation on the love front has intensified. But you should be careful in dating, new acquaintances run the risk of being too persistent, which is unlikely to please your freedom-loving nature.


In Capricorns, the first days of the month will be rich in acquaintances on trips and at educational events. And this is a good time for dating. However, from the middle of the month, a period will begin when it is not worth pinning hope on new pleasant acquaintances, these connections are unlikely to remain for a long time. Family Capricorns should not take initiatives to change their place of residence.


In the second half of the month, partners from the past may appear, with whom there is a chance to start all over again. However, for new personal relationships – the period is not the best, although there will be a lot of acquaintances. Many of these dating will take place over the internet.


Until February 8th, Pisces will beckon with their mysteriousness and retain an increased level of charm on the opposite sex. In the second half of the month, the likelihood of sharp breaks in relations is high. To reduce risks, bring something out of the box into the relationship. Another option is a passionate romance with someone from a friendly environment.

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