Horoscope for December: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Horoscope for December: love horoscope for all zodiac signs

Astrologer Ksenia Gennek compiled a love horoscope for December 2019 especially for Wedding readers. Look for your zodiac sign and read what the stars have in store for you this winter. We have not deprived anyone of attention, the horoscope was drawn up both for those who are in a couple and for those who are still free.

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Until December 20, many Aries can expect a bright romance at work. Most likely, it will be a relationship with someone who is higher than you in status, and the likelihood of a relationship with your boss / ts cannot be denied. This probability is especially high from 5th to 18th December. In the last decade of December, friendships can develop into romantic ones. Passions will boil in the life of family Aries, but this will only strengthen the relationship.


Most of the month, Taurus will be lucky to meet interesting personal acquaintances while traveling or in educational institutions, for example, in courses. The last days of December are more likely to be romantically involved in the workplace. For family Taurus, December will provide the opportunity for a joint trip or an interesting joint study. And the last decade of the month is suitable for an engagement or registration of a relationship. However, in general, the month for stable Taurus will not be the easiest, circumstances will require transforming relationships, not being afraid to leave ineffective patterns of behavior in the past.

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Gemini experiences truly intense feelings. Until December 20, love, or what is commonly called love, will completely consume you. Have you been bored in recent months? In December, boredom will dissipate like morning fog. This also applies to family Gemini. You may find emotions in your seemingly not too emotional partner, and emotions are not always positive. In his looks, you will begin to notice passion and burning jealousy. The last decade of December can be a romantic trip.


Lonely Cancers, like almost no other sign, have high chances for a long-awaited fateful meeting in December. And this meeting will be accompanied by vivid emotions and passion. Everything is like in a Brazilian TV series with a happy ending. This turn of events is especially likely before December 20th. It is time for Cancer families to diversify their personal lives: rekindle the old fire of passion in emotionally stagnant relationships. Otherwise, the last days of December can bring an unpleasant conflict.

a lion

Until December 20, Lions will be busy with work issues, but Cupid’s arrow can slip through there too. But the last decade of the month will be rich in pleasant and serious romantic acquaintances. Passionate love will literally consume you. Family Lions after December 17 and until the end of the month, the stars are advised not to be led by emotions. Decisions about your relationship during this period may be hasty.


Not very fixated, or rather, not at all fixated on the Virgo’s love affairs, the coming month will bring a surprise in the form of a bright love. And even deeply family Virgins will certainly feel the influence of the Cupid spell. And some Virgos find out about the imminent replenishment in their family. The last decade of December can bring lonely Virgo an interesting acquaintance at work.


If you are a lonely representative of this sign, then a romantic acquaintance for the first two decades of the month is possible not far from home, even your parents can introduce you to your future partner. In the life of family Libra, passions will unfold almost all month. More precisely, until December 20th. Jealousy on the part of the spouse is likely. However, another option is also possible – major changes in the direction of the place of residence / housing. For example, December may be the beginning of a total renovation, and it would be a good option. Joint physical labor will help direct the aggression accumulated in a relationship to a good cause.


Scorpions in December will feel like fish in water. Indeed, in the coming month everything will be as they like: these are strong burning emotions, and jealousy, and violent quarrels, and reconciliation. This is especially true during the period from December 8 to December 19. Lonely Scorpios will get to know each other on a trip, on public transport, on courses or on the Internet. We can confidently say that such an acquaintance will be remembered for a long time.


Lonely Sagittarius luck in personal acquaintances will turn up in the last decade of the month. And the first twenty days of December they will be more busy with financial issues, although this does not exclude acquaintance, for example, in a bank or even in any store. Monetary differences can become a stumbling block for family Sagittarius. And December is the time to actively address such issues.


Capricorns will be magically attractive to the opposite sex for most of December. I advise you to take care of your appearance, you can even go for serious changes in this regard. By December 20th you will feel renewed, ready for a new life. Do not hold on to the old, and new circumstances, successful for your personal life, will surely come into your life.


Lonely representatives of this sign can fall in love without memory with an image invented for themselves. Everything can start with harmless correspondence on the Internet, but the pool of love will slowly but surely tighten in earnest. This is especially true for the period from December 4th to 14th. Family Aquarius, admitting such a possibility, can expect a whirlwind romance on the side, of course, shrouded in mystery.


I advise lonely Pisces to take a closer look at their friends, there is a high probability that among them there will be one who has been sighing for a long time, looking at you with a completely unfriendly look. And the passionate atmosphere of December will make you think about your more than friendly affection for this person. The last days of the month can make the development of these relationships a secret. The last decade of the month for Pisces in a pair will provide an opportunity to experience something new, to see new facets in their partner.

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