For those who stayed at home: how to spend time with benefit

For those who stayed at home: how to spend time with benefit

Wedding planners not only know how to organize dream weddings, but can also help organize leisure activities for those who stay at home during the pandemic. So, below are the tips of the Run the Show agency, by the way, the wedding they organized – “Life is like a miracle” – won in the nomination “The best foreign wedding project” within the framework of the Wedding Awards 2019.

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Preparations for weddings, especially foreign ones, are temporarily suspended, and in the context of a worldwide epidemic, you have to look for ways and solutions, what to do during quarantine. What for many at first seemed like a test, now takes on a completely different shade – after all, the free time can be spent on self-development, rest and family. The world reacted very quickly to the quarantine, and many companies offered new types of entertainment.

Online parties

The first online bar was opened, where each guest is at home and communicates remotely with other users. Each participant sees the other in a small window, everyone exchanges toasts, gets acquainted and listens to music. Maybe this is where you will find new friends, whom you will later invite to the wedding. Who knows?

Fitness at home

Fitness apps have launched special promotions and you can now exercise completely free of charge. A good reason to get in shape before the wedding! The first to react to the epidemic were Carrot Fit and reduced the price to $ 0.

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Finding balance and inner harmony. What could be better, especially when today all conditions have been created so that no one distracts you from immersion in your own Self? The Down dog app has launched a promotion and conducts online classes for free.


It has long been proven that by meditating even 10 minutes a day, the body gets rid of stress, begins to concentrate faster, and the level of creativity increases significantly. Keeping calm is exactly what we all need right now. And the Headspace app has opened free access until the end of the year.

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Author: Run the Show.

Run the Show agency

Run the Show agency

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