February 14 proposal: the most interesting ideas

February 14 proposal: the most interesting ideas

The most romantic holiday of the year is approaching. To make a marriage proposal on this day or not? And if so, how? How to surprise your beloved? These are the questions of concern to many men on the eve of February 14. Let’s figure it out together.

So how to surprise your beloved?

1. Choose a romantic city (of course, Paris), a place that is meaningful to you and your relationship, or a venue that is associated with real feelings. For example, in Moscow City, in the OKO skyscraper, there is the highest observation deck in Europe. In addition to the dizzying look, you can take photographs against the background of the installation “Only Love Above”.

2. Stop the choice in a secluded place. Of course, serving in a restaurant is trivial. However, in Moscow there is a special restaurant for only two people, that is, for you. Its name is also appropriate – Romantic. The restaurant is located on the 35th floor of the Ukraine Hotel. By the way, you can not only book dinner, but invite a girl to breakfast – it will be more than unexpected.

3. Really surprise your loved one. In this case, the surprise is still the most interesting.

How to make an unusual marriage proposal?

1. Offer at the cinema.

This option requires careful preparation, but the chosen one will be definitely satisfied. Invite a girl to the cinema to see your favorite movie. Here is what Inna Faleva, co-founder of WeDoAgency, advises: “You can give a girl a beautiful invitation to the show. In advance, with the help of professionals, ask for a specially filmed episode with you in the lead role to be inserted into the film. You rent a small hall in a cinema, where you invite your friends and relatives as spectators. On the appointed day, it is necessary to do everything so that you and your girlfriend are “late” for the premiere and enter the dark hall, where you cannot see the faces of spectators-friends. The screen should show standard commercials before the screening or the first frames of a real film, so that the future bride does not have any unnecessary questions. Then the groom will appear on the screen with words of love, the lights in the hall are lit, the friends around you congratulate you, the waiters will bring champagne into the hall, and the girl will receive the coveted box. ” This scenario requires not only preparation, but also the help of professionals. An option with a lower cost is a rented hall for the two of you in your favorite cinema.

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2. Commemorative photo book.

Make a photo book of photographs from the entire history of your relationship. This option is also recommended by WeDoAgency. Take photos from your phone, general selfies, landscape photos from trips, from exhibitions, concerts, items related to general life events (toys, souvenirs, etc.), prints of the first correspondence or really warm SMS, photos of places, who visited together. Place all events in order, as they happened in life. And on the last spread should be written “Darling, marry me!”

3. Quest for the bride.

Organize a quest. There are plenty of companies that conduct quests now. You can contact the organizers and make a quest especially for your girlfriend. At the end, a reward will await her – a box with a ring.

4. Order an advertising billboard or magazine advertisement. Imagine the face of your beloved when she flips through the magazine and sees your message. In this case, it is not necessary to print a large circulation.

Should you time your engagement to February 14?

On the one hand, it is, of course, romantic. On the other hand, we decided to ask the opinions of professionals. So, Inna Faleva believes that there is no need to become attached to February 14. Time the engagement not for this holiday, but for your own dates. Wedding organizers from the agency “For Two” believe that a surprise for the second half can be done on any day, not necessarily on February 14th. On this day, the offer will be more expected than on any other day. However, if you want to time the engagement to this day, you can do it the day before. The same applies to the proposal on the anniversary of their acquaintance – the day before it will be much less expected.

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Photo: Kirill Samarits, Mila Tobolenko, Elena Pavlova.

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