Fashionable women’s shoes with stiletto heels

Fashionable women’s shoes with stiletto heels

Every woman, explicitly or subconsciously, wants to wear stiletto heels. No matter how old she is, no matter what social and material position she has, professional purpose – a woman lives with a dream about this shoe.

Fashionable women's shoes with stiletto heels

A hairpin is an image, an association in the head of the opposite sex, true femininity and beauty. Believe me, no man, when choosing between a girl in low-speed shoes and a girl in high-heeled shoes, will give preference to the former.

Shoes, sandals and stiletto heels will complement the look of any composition, give grace and confidence, and will definitely attract the attention of men. Although, these shoes will require the manifestation of all female skill and skill, because not everyone will be able to put on stiletto heels the first time, and at the same time maintain stability in action.

In addition, this type of footwear hardens and educates character, everyday wearing is worthy of a real medal for courage. And the forecasts of doctors are not encouraging: varicose veins and diseases of the spine await hairpin lovers. When evaluating all the pros and cons of stiletto heels, do not ignore them completely, but do not make them a daily requirement.

Fashionable women's shoes with stiletto heels

The hairpin as an immediate component was introduced into the fashion world by the Italian master Salvatore Ferragamo, created especially for the sexiest woman in the world, Marilyn Monroe. The film “There are only girls in jazz” was the first demonstration of stiletto heels. And then the entire female community liked it so much that until now nothing of the kind had been created.

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Two, three-color models of shoes. Stiletto sandals and ankle boots

This season, among the models of stiletto heels, the most popular are specimens with a pointed, narrowed toe, or a rounded shape. Variants with the use of two or three colors are relevant.

In the wake of Coco Chanel, who introduced two-tone shoes, modern shoe trends are not afraid to experiment. The scarlet pink toe of the shoe flows smoothly into the black heel. Designer Manolo Blahnik, a trendsetter in shoe fashion, offers women different variations, black and gold, beige and silver, blue and yellow colors.

Fashionable women's shoes with stiletto heels

Stiletto heels will be an excellent complement to a feminine look in evening and wedding dress, they can also become a reliable weapon from competitors and office envious people for business women. Paired with a pencil skirt, skinny pants can be part of any dress code. Also an acceptable option for everyday wear would be a combination with denim models such as skinny, jeans with a lapel.

Stiletto sandals are suitable for those women who, even in the heat and heat, are not going to give up their favorite shoes. The models of the houses Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnic are trendy. This type of footwear is combined with light, flowing outfits, light skinny and cropped trousers, overalls.

The stiletto heel works well with ankle boots. At the same time, this applies both to the autumn-winter collection, as well as to summer and spring models. Combined with short skirts, or floor-length options, ankle boots will complete a feminine and sophisticated look.

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