Fashionable wedge shoes

Fashionable wedge shoes

The use of wedges instead of a heel or a high stiletto heel has become a trend of the last spring-summer season, and will definitely be present this year as well. The fact that shoes with a stylized sole, which thickens from toe to heel, are not only very beautiful, but also comfortable, was proved by fashionistas more than seventy years ago.

Fashionable wedge shoes

For the first time, a wedge heel appeared on the legs of European fashionistas back in the pre-war period, but then it did not gain popularity, possibly due to the inaccessibility of consumables: rubber, cork, wood. And the European fashion of the 1930-1940s gave more preference to artificial shine and gloss, and natural ingredients were regarded as an example of bad taste.

Already in the 1960s, the wedge was again remembered. The desire of adherents of the fashion and cultural trend of hippies to have things made from natural materials in their wardrobe has highlighted these shoes. From that moment on, the wedge heel became an eternal companion of fashion designers, who proclaimed it either ultra-fashionable, or temporarily pushed into the background.

Fashionable wedge shoes

In the eighties, she again takes the first places in the fashion list. It was at this time that various transformations and modifications of the wedge were invented, it became part of almost the entire model range of footwear. Particularly popular were the options for connecting with summer sandals, in which the front and back were open, the fasteners were a leather or fabric strip in the area of ​​ u200b u200bthe fingers and an ankle fastener.

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Widespread wedges: options for shoes, ankle boots, sandals

Today wedge heels can be found on shoe models of spring-summer and autumn-winter collections, as an integral part of shoes, sandals, boots, ankle boots. At the same time, there are no restrictions on the materials used, colors.

Wedge-heeled shoes are not only a symbol of femininity and beauty, but also convenience and practicality. The highest priority options are leather and suede models when combined with nubuck and wood soles.

Fashionable wedge shoes

Among the prevailing shades, beige, red, black, brown colors can be distinguished. At the same time, all kinds of decorative excesses are not welcome. These shoes go well with a classic, business suit. Combine with floor-length trousers, cropped skirts, light, flowing dresses.

Wedge ankle boots can act as options for winter and spring shoes. They serve as an excellent tool to visually reduce the size of the foot, but at the same time help to visually increase the length of the legs. They are combined with models of trousers that only barely reach the upper edge of ankle boots, or with options that are as narrowed to the bottom as possible, also with trousers whose length reaches the floor.

Wedge sandals are presented in a diverse range. Here, almost every fashionista can find something to her liking. You can find models with a wedge covered with leather or fabric, richly decorated with floral and geometric patterns. Models can have a variety of colors. The imagination of fashion designers has found complete freedom and space here. Espandrilles made of cotton wedge, woven straw or rope are also popular.

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