Fashionable pants winter 2015

Fashionable pants winter 2015

Until recently, it was impossible even to imagine that no woman could do without trousers. After all, they used to be considered an exclusively masculine element of clothing, but today they have become one of the most popular items of women’s wardrobe. In the winter 2015 season, trousers are presented in a wide variety of models and stylistic solutions.

Most popular this season are tight and tight-fitting trousers… Girls who like to show their slender legs and chiseled figure to everyone around them will definitely like these models. You can opt for long trousers, or you can decide on an ankle-length option.

The winter palette has all kinds of rich colors and shades, but preference is given to fuchsia and burgundy.

The trousers have bright details that are simply impossible not to pay attention to. They feature unusual and sophisticated d├ęcor that go well with original finishes such as gold embroidery. In addition, elements such as metal chains, lace inserts, and twisted fabric cords are very common. All of them are usually made with gold and silver paints and are located along the side seam, and sometimes they can be seen on pockets or belts.

This finish goes well with elegant fashionable belts, various bracelets or jewelry that are made in gold. This brightness is due to the fact that this season will be relevant to the presence of the most different shine in all elements of clothing.

Straight wide leg pants will also be in vogue. They are somewhat reminiscent of the male gangster costume that was popular in the 30s of the last century. The designers decided to use bright colors to create these models: creamy white, pink, yellow, pumpkin, ocher, plum, orange and coral. No less interesting in such models and gradient solutions in the color of the fabric. For example, popular colors will work well with a checkerboard.

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Not only straight trousers will be relevant this season, but also flared from the hip. Among the female half of humanity there are also outrageous lovers. They should pay attention to the different interpretations of the klesha. For example, wide tweed trousers can be preferred. A skirt-trousers to the middle of the shin will look very interesting. But fans of the 80s and 90s can buy Bermuda pants.

The classics have always been, are and will be relevant. And the 2015 winter season is no exception. In the collections of fashion designers, you can find a sufficient number of elegant and stylish trousers that are perfect both as casual wear and for going out. Classic models always look no less feminine and charming than more extravagant ones, and this cannot but please any woman.

In general, the choice for girls and women this season is quite large. So forward to new bold experiments!

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