Camouflage in women’s fashion is stylish and sexy!

Camouflage in women’s fashion is stylish and sexy!

Military-style clothing is always relevant. They do not write articles about her in fashion magazines, she does not shine every season on the catwalks of famous designers, but she can be found in the wardrobe of almost any fashionista. Such clothes can be glamorous and stylish, and no less than dresses of other styles from the latest collections. The secret is that the military style reflects the inner world of brave, free and easy-going people, and a catchy disguise from natural shades will not allow you to go unnoticed.

The classic military khaki color has never lost its popularity. Monochromatic items in greenish-brown tones are easy to combine with other details of clothing, they do not look pretentious in the office and too simple at a party. But the camouflage of unconventional shades, which is fashionable this season, is a more complex coloring. The trend is color combinations of red and beige, blue and gray or black.

It is not for nothing that camouflage clothing is the prerogative of some subcultures, including rivetheads and stalkers, because it helps to stand out from the environment, to attract everyone’s attention. Celebrities also often use this technique to outshine others, just remember Rihanna, Cheryl Cole, Gwen Stefani.

To hit the spot, it’s best to pair a military-style biker jacket with loose-fitting boyfriend jeans, whose legs are carelessly tucked in, a roomy bag with rivets and bright lipstick. If you want femininity, you can swap your jeans for a classic pencil skirt or sandy safari skirt. But the khaki skirt will be ideally combined with a loose blouse and high-heeled shoes.

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The only nuance that you should definitely take into account is not to put on several camouflage things at once, otherwise the desired look will lose any style, and any girl will turn into a real conscript soldier. Products with such a pattern are best combined with plain clothes of natural colors, for example, beige, olive, black, brown and others. The same applies to the pattern: if you chose camouflage pants, then you should not wear a sweatshirt with a leopard pattern. By the way, this rule applies to any prints. Maximum 1 piece of clothing and 1 accessory with the same motif. You should not overload your image so as not to turn it into funny and difficult to understand.

The style of the outfit also plays an important role. Most often, camouflage things have a loose or semi-adjacent cut. Recently, however, designers have successfully worked, transforming the rough soldier style into a more feminine one: they removed a lot of patch pockets and metal details, and used smooth cut lines.

If this style seems attractive, it is better to start with a short, fitted coat, choosing a cut according to your body type. If you need to accentuate the upper part of the body, then a camouflage blazer or jacket, coupled with a solid top, is suitable for such a purpose. The task of emphasizing the legs is to give priority to a skirt with a disguise. Both mini and midi will look spectacular. By style – flared skirt or trapeze.

It is worth noting that camouflage colors are found in accessories, and in shoes, and even in underwear, and this especially makes the male half of humanity tremble.

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