Brand women’s sneakers

Brand women’s sneakers

Many, instead of the usual running to the shops and for public transport, chose morning jogging to the sound of pleasant music or an hour-long workout in the gym under the strict guidance of an instructor. And after some time, our style of thinking, lifestyle has completely changed, the world has sparkled with new colors and emotions.

Brand women's sneakers

But our zeal to go in for sports and bring our figure to an ideal state rests on one small problem – the acquisition of high-quality and reliable sports equipment. At the same time, the question of choosing sneakers comes first.

Apart from their functional practicality, women’s sneakers should also differ in a certain aesthetics, have a unique design, and belong to a particular brand. Today there are many lucrative offers of women’s sneakers, but the leaders are the brands Nike, Adidas, Asics.

The struggle and coexistence of American, German and Japanese brands

The American firm Nike stands out among all the others with a special embossed sole surface, which looks like a waffle. It is she who allows the maximum adhesion of the shoe to a hard surface, thereby making any acceleration from a standstill lightning-fast and hassle-free. Therefore, many short distance runners prefer this particular brand of running shoe. To this should be added a fairly comfortable last and a strong fastening lacing system.

The Japanese brand Asics is the oldest in the sportswear and footwear market. Women’s sneakers from this company are distinguished by a bright design, a massive sole, designed, rather, for many hours of jogging. It will be extremely difficult to wear it out from daily workouts. The padded last and tongue protect you from unnecessary injuries and sprains of the ankle.

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Brand women's sneakers

Women’s sneakers from the German company Adidas are distinguished by an unusual design, but a short-lived sole. This shoe is great for active sports, football and volleyball. These shoes will feel good in contact with indoor stadiums and gyms. Frequent contact with hard asphalt can cause the shoe to wear out quickly. A plus will be a very reliable and durable lacing, which in some models is placed in two rows.

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