Brand shirts for men

Brand shirts for men

A man’s shirt gives every man an unprecedented luxury and elegance, testifying to good taste, attentiveness to himself and others. All this is very appealing to women, therefore, wearing shirts is shown to everyone, especially those who, by the nature of their work, are associated with communicating with people, are, for example, specialists in working with clients.

Brand shirts for men

Among the variety of men’s shirts, one can distinguish models of the classic straight type and fitted shirts, tapered slim and tight-fitting super-slim silhouette.

Major brands include Boggi Milano, Massimo Dutti, Cacharel, Caliban, Hugo Boss, Pal Zileri, Eton and Cantarelli. Some men prefer to sew a shirt to order, which allows you to create not only an individual, but also a perfectly tailored pattern.

Part of the office and everyday look of every man

Men’s shirts are more often found as part of an office wardrobe in combination with formal trousers and a jacket. They help to create a strict and formal image, from which it breathes with seriousness and intelligence, and thereby arouse the disposition of others and riveting eyes.

Brand shirts for men

Priority color solutions will be both white and blue, blue, beige, cream, pink shades. Bright and saturated colors will also be appropriate, but at the same time, you should be very careful when choosing a tie or bow tie, and other accessories.

The shirt cuffs should protrude from under the jacket very slightly, only one to two centimeters. Buttons and cufflinks are used as a fastening element for the cuffs. With the help of expensive and beautiful cufflinks, you can significantly improve the appearance, giving a certain decorative effect.

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Among this group of men’s shirts, you can find options with different sleeve lengths. At the same time, the short sleeve should be worn quite neatly, because it puts an additional emphasis on the man’s biceps. Even a spectacular twist trick will not help in this case. Men’s shirts with short sleeves will look appropriate with a bow tie and tie.

Brand shirts for men

Fitted shirts are especially popular this season. At the same time, there are no standards and rules. You can find both plain copies and options with bright prints.

To make it even more decorative, in some shirts the areas of the collar and cuffs are highlighted with a different material, there is an outlandish finish on the back of the collar or a different color of the loops. There is a textile neighborhood of silk and viscose, cotton and synthetics.

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