Brand men’s blazers

Brand men’s blazers

There is one simple test, how to choose the right jacket for men. This does not require complicated procedures, lengthy fittings and other exhausting actions. You just need to ask a person who wants to have a branded men’s jacket in his wardrobe about the number of buttons and the preferred color.

Brand men's blazers

This is probably all that an experienced menswear salesperson needs to find a particular jacket. After all, the named number of buttons will mean which cut is needed: single-breasted or double-breasted. Also, this figure will tell you what length is required, and which model will look more profitable.

Depending on the number of fastening devices, there are branded men’s jackets with one, two, three, four buttons. The most popular today is the use of two to three fasteners. There are short and standard men’s jackets.

Collection of branded men’s jackets

The main brands that design and tailor fashionable men’s jackets are companies such as Tom Tailor, Mavi, Strellson, Guess, Campus, Marc O’Polo, Pierre Cardin, Antony Morato.

Brand men's blazers

Men’s blazers from Tom Tailor are perfect for everyday wear. Shortened models with pointed lapels, one or two buttons, and a narrow silhouette will prevail. Most often, jackets are made of suede, velor, velveteen. Men will be offered a variety of colors: black, blue, gray, white. Every fashionista will be able to choose a jacket created especially for him.

The collection of jackets from Antony Morato combines classic style and casual direction. This brand offers both jackets for the office and for walking with friends. Wide lapels will be frequent in models, sometimes of a different color range than the jacket itself. The priority will be two buttons, the bottom of which is not fastened, thereby giving charm and elegance, creating a unique image.

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Marc O’Polo men’s blazers can be classified as premium casual wear. The most fitted, with a classic English collar or stand, made of velor, tweed and velveteen will be an excellent addition, and maybe the central part of any look.

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