Baby shower Regina Todorenko: remember how it was

Baby shower Regina Todorenko: remember how it was

Baby shower is gaining popularity in our country too! While you are in doubt whether or not to organize a party in honor of the birth of a child, we decided to remember how Regina Todorenko’s baby shower went. It is no coincidence that we remembered this particular holiday; not so long ago, the wedding of Regina Todorenko and Vlad Topalov took place in Italy. Both the bachelorette party and the wedding were organized by Alina Topalova, Vlad’s sister, co-owner of the event agency Ace Events.

All the friends of Regina Todorenko were present during the baby shower. The holiday was a success! “Recently, I realized how important it is to exchange feminine energy, because she quickly fills all the gaps, fills with strength and revives, here she is mother nature. I think the girls who are engaged in spiritual practices will understand me. I am happy that I have you! Thank you, my dears! ”- this is how Regina commented on her holiday. In the photographs, Regina Todorenko is waiting for her son, and now we already know that a son was born, who was named Mikhail. He attended his parents’ wedding.

Perhaps you want to make a similar – bright and effective – decor or ask your friends to do a pregnant photo shoot. The choice is yours!

Photo: @welcomepoint, @fmarkusha.

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