Aphrodisiacs: food that ignites passion

Aphrodisiacs: food that ignites passion

The name of the goddess of love Aphrodite is found not only in ancient Greek myths. One of his places of residence is the word aphrodisiac. It was in honor of this sensual inhabitant of Olympus that products were named with unique properties – to induce sexual attraction. They meet literally at every step, you just need to know them in person. Let’s talk about the dishes in which they can be found.

“Who lives well” is not a question, but a restaurant on Prechistenskaya embankment with a panoramic view of the Moskva River, the monument to Peter I and “Red October”. The name of the restaurant speaks for itself: it is really good within its walls. This is facilitated by a thoughtful interior with furniture in soothing colors, elegant chandeliers hanging from the mirrored ceiling, soft sofas and armchairs. A panoramic podium, decorated with natural wood and stone, with a soft covering made of unique eco-friendly materials, complements the picture of comfort. The central accent of the restaurant is a voluminous clock installation symbolizing time spent in complete relaxation and enjoyment. The main and banquet menu is the responsibility of the restaurant’s chef Nikita Katyshev, who also knows a lot about the use of aphrodisiac products. The chef knows like no other how to arrange a romantic evening. In his arsenal there are dishes with real natural aphrodisiacs:

– Caramel chia with mango and stewed milk (aphrodisiac – mango).

– Scallop ceviche with goat cheese mousse and yellow tomato and ponzu sauce (aphrodisiacs – scallop, yellow tomatoes).

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– Lamb saddle tartare with yellow curry and red caviar (aphrodisiacs – curry, red caviar).

– Crab cutlets with Aioli sauce in Asian style (aphrodisiacs – crab, garlic).

– Grilled foie gras with smoked cream, asparagus, gorgonzola caviar and lingonberry sauce (aphrodisiac – asparagus).

– Lamb tongues with parsnip puree and hoisin pomegranate sauce (aphrodisiac – pomegranate).

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