10 traditions of British royal weddings: which few people know about

10 traditions of British royal weddings: which few people know about

Everyone is familiar with the tradition, according to which on the wedding day the bride should have something old, something new, blue and borrowed. We owe its popularity to the British royal family. We found out what other rules monarchs observe during the wedding ceremony.

A wedding cannot take place without the consent of the queen

The engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has become almost the most talked about event of 2017. And it’s not just the union of a royalty and an American actress. According to rumors, Elizabeth II did not immediately approve of the choice of her grandson and for a long time did not give her consent to the marriage. But without him, the ceremony would be illegal. Since ancient times, Britain has had an Act of Succession, according to which the first six applicants to the throne cannot marry and marry without an official document with the Queen’s permission.

The bride cannot choose any dress

Each wedding of British monarchs is of particular interest to the public, therefore, when preparing for the celebration, the organizers must take into account every detail. This also applies to the image of the bride, who must look perfect. There is a whole set of rules that the bride and the designer adhere to. For example, you cannot refuse a veil or tiara, choose a short cut of a dress, bare your arms, and the like. But modern brides find a way out and choose two dresses – traditional for a formal ceremony and less formal for a party after.

All guests must wear hats

Every royal wedding turns into a fashion show, and all because of the incredibly beautiful hats of the guests. You might think that this is a tribute to British fashion. In fact, wearing a hat in the presence of royal persons is mandatory, and this rule is spelled out in the royal protocol.

The bride’s ring is made of Welsh gold

This tradition will soon be 100 years old. It dates back to the wedding of the mother of Elizabeth II, whose ring was first cast in Welsh gold. The reserves of the mine, in which the metal was previously mined, are exhausted, therefore it is considered elite and costs several times more than ordinary gold. Brides who have worn Welsh gold wedding rings include Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Camilla Parker Bowles, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle.

Girlfriends don’t catch a bouquet at a wedding

Instead, the bride lays her bouquet on the tomb of the unknown soldier at Westminster Abbey. The tradition appeared after Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the mother of Elizabeth II, during the wedding thus honored the memory of all those who died in the First World War. Today, some brides do not follow this rule and bring the bouquet to Westminster Abbey only the day after the ceremony. This is done in order to pose with a bouquet in official photographs.

Official photo session is required

Monarchs began to adhere to this tradition after the wedding of King Edward VII. If the bride and groom cannot refuse a staged portrait, then an informal photo session is done at the request of the newlyweds. And so that the couple would definitely like the pictures, Elizabeth II allows the bride and groom to choose their own photographer.

The groom wears a military uniform for the wedding

A feature that distinguishes all British royalty. The custom of wearing ceremonial military uniforms at a wedding has been in effect for over a century. For every man in the royal family, this is a great occasion to showcase the orders received while serving in the army.

In the bride’s bouquet there is always a branch of myrtle

Most modern wedding traditions are the work of Queen Victoria. A sprig of myrtle in a bride’s bouquet is no exception. Even if the required attribute consists of other flowers, the florist still adds myrtle to it, as it symbolizes fidelity, good luck and a strong marriage.

Dress and veil with meaning

Special embroidery on the veil and wedding dress has become a real trend recently, and the British royal family has been using this technique for more than sixty years. The wedding dress and veil of Elizabeth II was also decorated with flowers that symbolized peace after the Second World War. There was a secret message in Kate Middleton’s outfit on her wedding day. The lace trim featured a rose, thistle, daffodil and clover, the official symbols of the four countries that make up Great Britain.

Do not eat the whole cake at a wedding

It is important for the British royal family to thank all those invited for attending the celebration, so shortly after the celebration, they send the guests a piece of wedding cake. And one more piece is put up for auction, where anyone can buy it. Of course, the royal family sends the proceeds from the sale to a charitable foundation.

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