L’Officiel Online editors make promises for 2020

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Every year the same thing: on New Year's Eve we burn a note with a dream and drink ashes with champagne, and also – we promise, promise, promise. To someone, but more often to themselves. It’s not a fact that we will accomplish all this (judging by last year’s list, many points have remained untouched), but it’s worth writing them in order to feel responsibility to ourselves. Perhaps our lists will inspire you to create your own and begin to act in the new year according to plan.

Maria Migotina, editor-in-chief

Read more paper books.
Learn to drive a car.
Sign up for boxing.
Fly to Japan, Australia, Norway and New York.
To recognize, accept and adhere to the philosophy of Tao.
Get rid of the inner "tomorrow." Replace it with "today!".
To master a new profession in a radically different field for yourself.
Learn to cook poached egg.
Stop blocking people in a telegram.

Julia Tkachuk, editor-in-chief

Come up with your own signature cocktail.
Refuse to use plastic.
Become a volunteer.
Laugh every day.
Arrange Sunday dinners with friends.
To sleep more.
Read 30 books.
Do exercises every morning.
Stop finally discussing people.
Take part in a fun challenge.
Write a stop list and start sticking to it.
Do not shop on payday and during the ICP period.

Anna Egorova, editor of the Fashion section

Revise all your favorite science fiction series: from “Doctor Who” to “Startrek” and “Babylon 5”.
Do not terminate the engagement and do not run away, as I did before.
Do not forget to take magnesium.
Learn something new (there is already a degree in kung fu, now you need something else).
Continue to struggle with the desire to push a person walking along the edge of the platform in the subway.
Ride the Burning Man in the form of a bat.

Dana Belodedenko, SMM Manager

Finally learn this French.
To visit Norway.
Stop eating chocolate.
Stop buying 100,500 shades of lipsticks and paint all the time with just one.
I promise myself not to cut the bangs again.
Do not constantly review the same films.

Anastasia Gerasimova, editor of the section "Culture"

It is more often to say “no” to too arrogant and persistent people.
Watch more films to fill some knowledge gap in certain periods of world cinema.
Start saving on everything, to go to London and spend really cultural days there with trips to museums, the theater and, of course, to the pub.
Go for a massage and play sports.
Meet more with friends.

Marina Poddubnyak, art director

I will appreciate the moments and stop putting off everything until better times.
I’ll learn something new in the field of design and continue to master the course of acting (well, sometime it should work out?).
I’ll start to regularly visit the hall and stop looking for excuses, looking at the chocolate at the same time.
I’ll learn to skate beautifully and gracefully, because so far my story is Marvin from “Home Alone – 2”, who is masterly trying to stay on a slippery green slush.
I will stop watching the last parts of films immediately, without looking at the previous ones.
I will discover new countries.

Marie Roditeleva, Advertising Director

Go for a massage at least once every 2 weeks.
I want to calmly react to what annoys me.
Add that plate set from clay.
I promise that my screen time will be reduced to at least 6 hours a day.
Calling the family not only when you need something, but just find out how you are doing.
Drink at least a liter of water per day.
I promise to fix my "sides" and grow sides.
I promise to fulfill my promises.

Ksenia Pavlyuk, news editor

Run a half marathon.
Do what you like.
Celebrate your birthday in another country.
Finally, we’d already go to yoga, well, at least for one lesson.
Less soaring over trifles.
Often attend different courses / lectures.


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