"Like a girl": fans admire the look of 31-year-old Victoria Daineko without makeup

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The winner of “Star Factory-5” Victoria Daineko shared her new photo without makeup with Instagram-followers. “It's only 31. It's still too early to grow up,” the singer signed the frame.

Posted by Victoria Daineko (@victoriadaineko) March 21, 2019 at 12:32 pm PDT

“It’s like 21)”, “It's so cute, like 16 years old”, “On this photo, just like a child”, “Wow, like 18”, “I see a 15 year old teenager girl”, “Here, probably, without any makeup at all)) Just a girl)) Has she fallen in love or something ?? she has become prettier)) ”,“ Vika, are you like a girl in general ”,“ Such a sweet and tender ”,“ Vik.da where is 31?) this girl in photo 18, well, maximum 20, keep it up ” , not 31, but 13 "," Pretty. And the main thing is not silicone. Clever Girl "," And on a photo of years of 17 ", – subscribers write in comments.

It should be noted that Victoria Daineko does not hesitate to speak frankly about her shortcomings. For example, the singer admitted that she honestly tried to learn how to retouch her photos in order to reduce hips and ass: “I honestly tried to learn quick retouching skills in order to reduce my volumes, but Kamon! My name is Vika. I always, in any case, have thighs and butt. I agree that it would be better to chest, but that is, all mine! And I have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I have always believed that, having forms, it is important to keep them in good shape. Training, massages, wraps, because, in my understanding, only a person who does not love and care for himself can look bad. And everyone is beautiful, of any size and in any weight. ”

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Text: Natalia Emelyanova

Photos and videos: Instagram

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