King of horrors: How Alfred Hitchcock would dress today

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A rich potion from Gothic Victorian melodrama, comedy, theater, suspense and a chilling gloomy atmosphere is the golden thriller formula that was presented to the world by director Alfred Hitchcock. Back in the 1920s, when British cinema was at a disadvantage, losing to the American and European, Hitchcock was an energetic innovator and enthusiast, whose tireless work ultimately launched the mechanisms of popularizing Russian cinema and raised the prestige of the English film industry. We continue the tradition of dressing with prominent historical figures in the lead roles, and this time we fantasize how the great horror master would dress today.

Young Hitchcock could become an icon of bizarre British style

Alfred Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1899 in a gloomy suburb of London, and his whole childhood was permeated by the atmosphere of post-Victorian England, which is usually associated with high-quality horror. The mother of young Heach was pious and at the same time very elegant, he trusted her all his childhood secrets. My father owned a fish shop in one creepy and London-style colorful area and was generally a nice person, but he once made a real nightmare for his son – as a punishment for Alfred returning late from one of his walks in London and closing him in a prison cell having agreed in advance with the police. This story has become one of the main legends that Hitchcock told in his interviews. In his expeditions around the city, the future director watched the English ladies, cockneys, fashionistas, rabble, the poor and eccentric characters of the city scene. Being in love with theater, drama and the grace with which his mother kept the wardrobe, Alfred could give preference to the luxurious collections of the British brand Alexander McQueen. The world of dark dreams is a striking common feature of the work of a brilliant designer and director.

The image from the collection of Alexander McQueen Fall 2019 Menswear

Perhaps the director would wear real dandy costumes

Alfred was a very shy young man who gradually revealed his ambition, perseverance and peculiar charisma. Alfie's father, as he was called at home, died prematurely, and the young Hitchcock adopted for his whole life his style of wearing strict suits with starched white shirts and ties, thereby hiding from the outside world beyond stiffness. But in our time, Alfred would have the opportunity to reach his potential much deeper by trying on the polished and at the same time uniformly well-trained Balmain costumes.

Image from the Balmain Fall 2019 Menswear Collection

I probably would have worn women's dresses with sharp sayings

Hitchcock was brought up and trained in several religious institutions in London – for example, at St. Ignatius College, where the orders of the ancient Jesuit order reigned. The look of the monks, all dressed in black, and the fear of punishment were intertwined in the mind of the boy with the images of women whom he saw on the streets, criminals whose stories he loved to study in books, newspapers and later at meetings in the Central Criminal Court. As a result, Heacha became relentlessly interested in the topic of violence against women, and such things coexisted in him along with cynical, sharp humor and unusually soft, elegant manners. Hitchcock himself said that if he had not met his wife Alma, he would very likely have become homosexual. In one of the letters, Joan Crawford Hitch flirted that in rare “homosexual” moments he reads women's fashion magazines. It would not be so strange to meet such an eccentric person in a Victorian silhouette dress Viktor & Rolf with an evil and ironic inscription.

Image from the collection of Viktor & Rolf Spring 2019 Couture

He would hide an impressive fullness behind grotesque and witty images

Thom Browne Fall 2017 Menswear Look

I would wear very luxurious dresses, thereby emphasizing the absurdity and theatricality of the familiar world

Image from the collection of Alexander McQueen Fall 2019

Could have put on a thing that resembles a piece of an old wall in a suburban port

Alfred Hitchcock all his life dearly loved the work of Edgar Allan Poe with his terrible surroundings, the aesthetics of industrial, London, shrouded in fogs and gas, and largely borrowed his detective tricks for his movie. Also, the great master learned to create an atmosphere of oppressive expectation, fear and tension from German expressionists of the 20-30s, and phantasmagoric and avant-garde scenery were a symbol of that cinema. We believe Rei Kawakubo's expressionist collections would have delighted Hitchcock.

Image from the collection of Comme des Garcons Spring 2017

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