Julia Savicheva about losing weight after childbirth: "You can not pity yourself"

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Followers often ask Yulia Savicheva how she managed to lose weight so quickly after giving birth. The singer decided to answer all the questions in her Instagram in detail.

Publication by Julia Savicheva (@yuliasavicheva) 25 Dec 2017 at 5:47 PST

“I was lucky – I had a very strict diet all 9 months. It was connected with the recommendations of doctors to control blood sugar. Once a week I allowed myself a dessert (after at least an hour of walking), on the other days carbohydrates were severely limited, ”explained Julia.

But even after the appearance of her daughter Ani, the star did not cease to control herself in the matter of meals, and wore a special bandage. “The muscles themselves must begin to work, you can not pity yourself. And of course, the most healthy diet, ”continued Savicheva. How do you shape yourself?

Photo: Instagram

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