Julia Privalova: Why is a healthy lifestyle not the same?

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The founder of the Yaro healthy diet delivery service, Julia Privalova, tells.

Photo of a slender woman near the simulator or a handsome man in sportswear with a plate of buckwheat with chicken … So after all, we know a healthy lifestyle? After all, it was trying to impose on us the media, society and nutritionists for a long time?

They have built such a strong foundation for pseudo-healthy lifestyles for us, that now it is very difficult to return to the sources and understand the nature of a simple but such an important word. Indeed, for many, healthy lifestyles are about limitations and suffering, about overpowering oneself and the agony of choice, about pursuing not for health, but for a beautiful dry body and quick results.

Many of us are in a constant search for their diet, and did not understand what the word means. After all, almost every girl wants to lose weight. At the same time, the question of health is not even placed second. And fans of Atkins and Dukan diets are born, their path to a healthy lifestyle eventually goes into a steep dive or an emergency landing at the hospital.

But why such an outcome does not stop anyone? It is phenomenal, but people continue to peck on the golden bait in pursuit of quick results.

The pseudo-HLS market is very quickly and enterprisingly responding to active demand: this is how raw foods, fashion starvation, interval starvation, keto diets, protein diets appeared. This list can be continued indefinitely, because what people will not do to transform their bodies from completely healthy to sick. But HLS in its essence is a lifestyle. And including food. For our body, it is the fuel!

Chinese medicine has studied the functions of the human body for centuries and has proven the relationship between nutrition and health. And this connection is direct. After all, thanks to the food and its properties, our body is constantly updated and produces the necessary energy for the implementation of vital functions and biochemical transformations. These include brain activity, heartbeat, respiration, digestion, physical activity, and the synthesis of functional substances, including enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

Therefore, the importance of a complete balanced diet is difficult to overestimate. Do you still believe in the need for diets and tight restrictions?

But here it is important to understand what kind of food is useful and necessary for our body, and to approach the absence of restrictions consciously. After all, many of us have two extremes: either a shortage of calories and total bans, or breakdowns and the loading of the stomach with harmful products. Most often this happens due to psychological pressure during diets.

After all, a person denies himself everything, but the possibilities of our body and mind are not limitless. Gradually, the body gets tired of the total bans and the Spartan regime and wants to relax. In turn, the psyche also can not stand. So failures in the mode, thirst for harmful products, breakdowns, intolerances and an allergy are born.

But what then called proper nutrition? This is a balanced diet with enough nutrients, all the necessary vitamins and minerals. This is a food in which all tastes are present: bitter, sour, salty, sweet. This is an approach to food, which is based on the flexibility and understanding of your body and its real needs. It is not just about consumption, it is about the perception of your life consciously. And this approach must be respected every day.

This approach is absolutely not associated with following diets that offer 0 calories.

Proper nutrition basically has a lot of vegetables and fruits, cereals, cereals and superfoods. It is not about the labels "vegetarian", "vegan", "raw food". It is about balance and benefits. Only such nutrition helps a person to provide the energy needed to carry out his own life processes, to generate and repair damaged cells, to keep the immune system in an active state.

As you can see, healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition – it's not about weight or body parameters. After all, the quality of your life and health are not determined by aesthetic standards!

Our weight depends on various components. If the body is healthy, then the weight will remain unchanged during adulthood. But the ratio of the percentage of muscle, bone and fat mass varies in different people in different ways. That is why you should not compare yourself with friends or models.

It is important to be at your optimal weight. After all, it is an ally of your vitality and health. Chase not the number of dreams, but for the good physical and mental well-being.

Remember that in a healthy body there is no excess weight. Do not be afraid to change your eating habits and make your life colorful, healthy and long!

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