“It doesn't look like itself”: young and beautiful Natasha Koroleva was compared with Lena Temnikova and Lyubov Polishchuk

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For several days, fans of the popular singer Natasha Koroleva discuss her grown-up son. 16-year-old Arkhip became a real handsome man and accompanies his parents at social events. But today, in the blog of the artist appeared her own photo, which provoked a lot of discussions.

"Grey eyes! They want to tell me what you dream with me. Meet again !!! In the 90s my songs about Eyes, Blue color of swans, but of course Flowery Tulip story were MEGA Hitas !!! Thank you maestro Igor Nikolaev for the netlen !!! Years passed and again # your eyes # colors # blue blasted dance floors, so I’m waiting for someone to write and sing a super song about flowers, for a long time the flower theme hasn’t been covered since white roses and yellow tulips! Your options: what flowers would be a great hit !!! ”, – wrote Natalya under the picture, thanking makeup artist Vadim Andreev for beautiful makeup.

Posted by Natasha Koroleva (@koroleva__star) Aug 2, 2018 at 3:50 PDT

Subscribers noted: Natasha Koroleva was visibly prettier and looked like either Lena Temnikova, or young Love Polishchuk.

“Pretty! Young and beautiful "," Sex bomb "," Makeup is very beautiful but eyebrows are too wide … Although someone likes it so much "," Bottomless eyes "," Eyes-space. And someone else’s lips (I adore Natalia. Lighter, ”“ Seeing lips, ”“ Beautiful lips, ”“ At first I thought it was Temnikova) ”,“ Love Poleshuk looks like here ”,“ Very beautiful image !!! And the lips are beautiful! Natasha, do not pay attention to the evil comments, ”followers follow the appearance of the pet.

What do you think, who is the singer like?

Photo and video: instagram

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