Intervyu: Sofya Andrukhovich about his new novel "Amadoka"

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After the May sixth break the writer, Sofya Andrukhovich will turn around with a new novel. For the whole time, a book of records of 800 records and bearing the name of the mystical lake Amadok, yak, behind the legend, threw yourself on the territory of Podilla. In front of the appearance of the completed novel by Sofya Andrukhovich, L’Officiel talked about those that are winding up, as well as about the publicity, and at the same time, there’s a nickname for this difficult song with her debut novel "Syomga"

About the novel "Amadoka"

History of the book seemed a little practical when I saw the introduction of the novel “Felix of Austria”. Look forward to the fact that you should come back, conceive, clatter, shake, do not give rest – but don’t wait to know it right away, but if you can know it, it’s not so easy to recognize it. In the meantime, like a bagato rock with me, I had a topic for the Holocaust, I couldn’t talk about it, I wouldn’t fraternize for it, I’m Nastilka won’t be sad, unhappy. Ale, I turned to completely new and new, I know how to turn around, because it’s impotent to wrestle with me, it’s unintelligible. Tim, hourly, my man, having twisted my respect to the point of asking them all, the writer Viktor Petrov and the neoklassiks, I have no plot for not only one novel, a few words to write in private, but only I’m the friend of Mikoli Zerov Sofіyu, I’m adventurous, I’m sorry for myself, I respect, I’m an agent. And if I’m more familiar with the topic, I’m more curious, I can write a fictional biography, I can tell you to know the balance between the facts of the life of the characters and the fantasies, the living and the wisdom. The last hour, I didn’t bother with the method of realizing it, even docks at the moment of singing, having dropped my thoughts on the story from our birthday story about a person, I had to spend some time remembering, I’m not able to read the text and repair it. I missed, in a certain way the fact of life of Viktor Petrov may be pressed to forget and guess my protagonist. But it was forgotten by the authorities of Russia, the history of their homeland, and for me the writing about the Holocaust is possible.

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"Amadoka" was prompted in such a way that in fact there are three novels in one, as if in a singing moment, you’ll bind yourself to a special text. Three of them — one on the Skhodi, the Holocaust and one neoclassic on the other hand — one can see one on one and one on the right. You can respect the area of ​​history, but marvel at them as if in warehouses of Ukrainian identity. All those injured on the 20th table. Little has been said about them – the fear of roaming for those bagato lovers about the need to іх іх об’єднує. I can see the great text behind the oath, you can read the reader, you’ll be able to go on, I can’t do it without love, which is the only way you can see this character. Ale, like me, one of the number of people’s pardons – bachichi speech vіdokremleno. For good reason, it’s necessary: ​​the unified sounds are obvious, often – the stench of hell, non-linear, folding. I wanted to build a model of sounds for hours, people, for us all, for us for years, for us, for our convenience and for sharing with us.

Three parts can be characterized and three different genres. Say, I would call the part about the neoclassics ecstatic, my whole interpretation is hypothetical, how can I interpret one of the real plots. It’s not like this: menus about those who want to show the plurality of plot development plots, the plurality of tractations. And the part about the Holocaust – even this is historical drama, de vigadana characters and realities and stinks are experienced the same way that real people could survive. When writing to history, I took reports on how to relocate Other Holy Events to a specific Galician ’march and wrote down for myself a chronological time, even if I’ve been able to do so more than once. Forward, change the main moments of history, I have distributed: love between the Ukrainian and Ukrainian boys, immorality and water-time are piercing, harmonious beauty and love.

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Surely, I can’t convey the reader’s reaction, but I want to turn my respect to my novel, my fragments are reinterpreted, thanks to those who are even more important. I tried to blow it in such a way that the text would be bulky and good reading. I need to read and write, I will be supervised, i will enjoy, i will enjoy it, i will love it, i will give it to you, i will give it to you with super-expressive ideas. All of this text will require you to do it – you’ll have to read the reader more, lead the yogi after you and the yogi, with usability, it will be win-win.

About the scandalous novel "Syomga"

I have less than half of the varied options, if I need to eat more, but I wanted to have a little food. I’m waiting for the hot buta tolka to be written. Recently, I missed it, and it’s all because I’ve written about it, I’ve scribbled the very novel “Syomga” myself (I have visions of the 2007 Rotsi – editor's note), I survived. I didn’t write Yakbi, it’s okay, I’m not a small biose, I could write a few words and give me freedom to write, those who want to experiment, with free themes, let’s allow them to do so.

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Since it’s completely rugged reaction to reading “Syomga”, I didn’t give you the opportunity to react normally. I didn’t give you the opportunity to come, but I didn’t expect any negative reactions to “Syomga”. I got through the whole process through the rock, as long as the novel “Felix of Austria” is vii. If the book started to shake the light and the first signs appeared, I really messed up a lot, I started to show my eyes and shook my eyes a little – I didn’t write so much, I can’t write more. Ale rightly so, my specialty is not right and I’ve gotten wrong, I’ve been able to do it myself, I haven’t done so well, I’m ready to go. I can imagine a little more vishtovhala із zones of comfort and potim zrozumіla tse tilki, if the book of the Bula is visible, and I imagine myself vidchula nіbi without shkіri, unprotected. Buv period, since I couldn’t take it to my hands. Actually, I’m infected at once. We will fold the whole dosv_d buv and the arc correctly.

About a seven-pause

Mizh vidanni novels "Syomga" and "Felix Austria" passed 7 rock. Toddler, we lived for a place and a period of time, we were quiet, quiet and one-man. The power of writing and writing was overwhelming, because I couldn’t take care of anything else, I still got too much to concentrate on simple life – є buenos, a mandrel, nature, quiet, є little donya, like a little toddler. I didn’t write part of the hour for an hour, I read Ale Bagato. Then I felt that I should take those who were easier to live, more so I could bring them, and I brought them less to health: I felt like feeding myself, which I can’t write – I didn’t find it. I’ve noticed that I’ve got all my folding things around and I have turned around at the point where I didn’t get any more problems, which were done earlier. Today I forgot – it’s just the scripture to bring me so much baggage of honor, knowledge, knowledge and knowledge, I can help you with some cinnamon, for many good reasons I can see it all. I myself thought that I was thinking about the novel "Felix of Austria."

About the prospex and the father’s

Vidome prosperity – all the way to the history, and in addition to buying all of them in winter, then stink out of one and the same one, and in fact you should not be so important. Meni nabagato is important bulo vidchuvati help to take a vid batkіv vіtsі, if the whole price is bulletin. Our communication is so vibrant, that it’s very often that I’m critical of those who feel like they’ve experienced, but how much they’re working, it’s just done once an hour, I’m okay all the time, I’m doing it all right, , of course, as I don’t ask you to talk about him. I’ve become infected, I’m sure that I read “Syomgu”, but it was easy to store, but they won’t let me hear you cool, be careful and take these things into account, because I’ve got a chance to feel great vigor for it. To me, even at an early age, it was thought that they were put up to independent, mature people, and, in the middle, they formed me.

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So, at me the opportunity of sanctification is not completed. I entered and three rockies went to the Lviv Academy of Friendship, so my father and I were finished right now. I will bite my precepts with character. I vidchuvala nabagato more sensu for myself especially, if I myself laid a stitch for myself, vibrated books and authors, those and dzherela. Soundly, change the marriage system, ale water time such a way to get in and out, make it easy to snap, until the cut stitches do not reach any. Our time is such a way to start marveling even less so. Poshuk knowledge, the magnetization of life’s evil – those who don’t stick to their noses. One of the most appealing speeches and the most enjoyable for people living.

About Publicity

I have a clue about the source and the scribbled scribes, as well as actively renew the publicity over the texts. Publicity picking up a little more energy, I don’t need to give me a second speech and ask for more, I will need to see the rest of my life, I need to change my life a bit, I need to change it later.

On happiness, I don’t recognize so much on the streets. I trampled around, I couldn’t take it, but I think that we should go around, I can take it. After the introduction of the novel “Felix Austria”, a new song came to me, it was better to have a new day, a new and a new water hour, moreover, it wasn’t necessary to have an extra power. I’m giving a shvidko I vidkrila, since if I can fix the problem, try new ways of behavior, and I’ve got new ways. Those whom I was previously afraid of could be restored. And naygolovnіsh – te spіlkuєshsya with people.

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I acknowledge that scho popularity can be pasta. We all reigned in such a way that we recognize public people as a singing and ideal image and nadilya imaginative rice. It’s easy for me to do it. Publicity I can make manifest about people, and about people about myself. For the sake of needing a constant call from the audience and having your own people in life, it’s important to be smart, I need to shy with me myself, and I’m sure to be close to people as I can, I don’t have to go very far.

Worked on the shooting:

Photographer: Alexander Porubaymikh

Stylist: Anna Goncharova

Hairstyles: Maria Owl

Makeup: Anna Bezvuglyak

Producer: Diana Melnikova

Stylist assistant: Daria Belousova

Production Assistant: Marta Kuzemchak

The editors thank the creative studio ShOOM for their help in shooting.

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