Inspiration of the day: Romantic movie images

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Cinema has given us hundreds of cult images that have served as inspiration for designers and stylists so far, no matter what year a particular film was shot. In the movie you can find tips on style, ideas for parties, gala balls, masquerades and even everyday life. On Valentine's Day, you can do the same thing – peep something interesting in your favorite tape. In addition, the recognized masterpieces of different years were often very romantic and touching, and their heroines embodied a lot of various types, among which everyone can find himself.

Lola (Lola, 1961)

The heroine of the film is a cabaret dancer who is raising a child and is waiting for the return of her beloved. Lingerie style, which can be repeated both in evening looks and in dresses for more chamber evenings. Actress Anouk Eme appears in the frame and in a laconic narrow white dress, and in a restrained respectable suit, but her most spectacular outlets are in a guipure bodysuit and a coat thrown over her coat.

Genevieve ("Cherbourg Umbrellas", 1964)

The iconic image of Catherine Deneuve, which inspires fashionistas around the world, is a classic beige trench coat, gathered in a high tail and tied with black velvet bow hair. Such an outfit will perfectly complement both a small dress and your favorite jeans with a t-shirt.

Elsa (The Lady of Shanghai, 1947)

Rita Hayworth is known for her role in the Guild Noir, where she shines with a shock of red hair and in a black evening dress with bare shoulders. In the film of the famous director Orson Welles, Rita played a no less burning character – the fatal blonde Elsa. We advise you to pay attention to one of her costumes – light in small peas. Light extravagance and sophistication of the image will be appropriate not only on Valentine's Day. Complete the outfit with leather gloves to the elbow and large gold earrings – and you get a glamorous 80s.

Lula Pace Fortune (Wild at Heart, 1990)

An early but memorable role for Laura Dern is the rebel's sexy girlfriend Sailor Ripley (Nicolas Cage). In the road-movie genre shot by David Lynch, the actress appears in a tight leotard, microtopes and a pink mini, and in one scene she simply appears in a pea dress, with a lush styling and red manicure.

Charlotte ("The Best Shooter", 1986)

When you want to combine sexuality and intellectual chic, you should remember the instructor at the elite academy of the U.S. Navy – the beautiful Charlotte (Kelly McGillis), who fell in love with Lieutenant Meverick (Tom Cruise). Charlotte complemented the white shirts and polos with a pilot jacket, straight jeans and sneakers. The image became canonical with a blouse tucked into a black midi skirt, the same flight jacket and a large leather clutch.

Audrey Horne (Twin Peaks, 1990)

One of the most beautiful Twin Peaks girls, a true style icon is Audrey Horn, played by Sherilyn Fenn. The story of her falling in love with the valiant agent Cooper is one of the most moving in the movies of recent decades, and her outfits are a practical guide to style. A laconic black dress, in which Audrey came to an underground brothel to help Dale Cooper in the investigation, can be found in the collections of the last few seasons, and a blouse with a print of trees and a straight midi skirt could fit into a modern city wardrobe – complete with sneakers or in boats.

Maggie Chun ("Loving Mood", 2000)

For fans of oriental chic, the style in the film by Wong Karvay will be an excellent reference point for a romantic evening look. High styling in the style of the 60s would be appropriate to replace the neat "ponytail" or "wet" wave.

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