“If only the soul was young”: the admirers were amazed by the look of the aged Marina Khlebnikova

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Marina Khlebnikova’s popularity came in the early 1990s, and the mega-star made her the hit “A Cup of Coffe”. Marina shone in all the national concerts, and the song occupied the first lines of the charts. She has released several studio albums. The second wave of popularity came to her after the release of the disc "My sunshine, get up" in 2001.

Her last disc was released 13 years ago. Since then, her demand has declined: Marina has ceased to take part in major concerts, the attention of the press to her person has also calmed down a bit. However, the singer, radio host and poetess did not stop the tour, she only became less likely to appear in the media and on television.

The other day, Marina visited a concert of her long-time friend – parodist Alexander Peskov, with whom they took a photo together. Fans, having seen a picture on the Internet, did not recognize the singer on it. Many could not hide their surprise, while many supported the beloved singer.

“And you are 52 ??”, “Yes, old age does not spare anyone. But do not give in to despondency. Let the skin wrinkle, if only the soul was young !!! "," I learned that Marina 53goda, surprised ……. "," Marina can see that a good person and very talented, sorry for her little on the screens now, "" Marisha is only correcting his eyes and is fresh again, ”they wrote on Instagram (the spelling, punctuation, and style of the authors are hereinafter preserved. – Ed.).

Marina Khlebnikova does not pay attention to criticism, but notes that because of her busy work schedule, she does not have time to sit in restaurants and drink, which some fans suspect of her.

Strong stress in Marina caused suicide of the first husband Anton Loginov, this could not but affect her appearance. But thanks to the support of loved ones, she came to her senses. It was Loginov who helped her to form as an actress. Their marriage ended in 1999, when Khlebnikov went to a businessman, Mikhail Maydanich.

“I'm fine, if I may say so. I'm at home, I come to myself, I try to hold on. Close near. I think I’ll be back to work again soon, ”said Marina in October 2018, when her ex-husband was gone.

The artist continues to work now – she gives concerts and records songs, and her personal life is under the cover of secrecy.

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Text: Galina Nezhneva

Photo: Instagram, Natalia Shakhanova, Gennadii Usoev / Global look press

Video: Instagram

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