How to work efficiently from home during quarantine

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All office employees dream of working from home, but only freelancers know what willpower is needed so as not to fall out all day on the couch with a book or series. Those who are just embarking on the path of freedom from classrooms are dedicated.

Perhaps there is no consensus on where it is most effective to work: in the office or at home. Working conditions may be different, but one thing is clear: if you personally feel uncomfortable from trying to complete the project, write an article, create a brand book surrounded by colleagues, you need to change something. Being in the office from 09:00 to 19:00 – means depriving yourself of cultural leisure, development and leisure. But there are still organizations where you need to confirm your presence with the help of electronic passes and other wildest things proving that capitalism has turned work into a kind of modern slavery.

If there is no more strength to endure, we recall that we live in the beautiful 21st century. Here, having a good computer in your home is everything. Being a freelancer is not so scary. Although there are other reasons for working from home, such as quarantine. For those who are comfortable in the office, such a sharp change in habits can ruin all indicators. In short, we talk about how to work from home and stay effective, for whatever reason you choose this format of activity.

Stick to a regular schedule

If you intend to work from home, this does not mean that you need to start at 12:00, and finish at 2 nights. Firstly, the lack of a clear schedule dampens and hinders the planning of work, which leads to the formation of a snowball from the endless “I’ll do it later.” Secondly, if your work is connected with other people, your strange daily routine will affect them.

Determine what time you are busy the most. When planning tasks, build on this and your own effectiveness. If in the morning you only need to reply to letters, do not delay the task. Perform and calmly wait for the evening when, for example, you are visited by inspiration for more creative tasks. A permanent schedule is also useful in that you can set aside time for lunch, dinner, walks on the street.

Take breaks

The responsible person remains one in any conditions. This means that while working at home, for him, the temptation is too great to get carried away with his favorite activity and forget about the rest. So you can quickly bring yourself to emotional burnout and chronic fatigue. Therefore, do not give up lunch break.

Do not neglect the freedom afforded by work outside the office. Go for a short walk, call up friends or colleagues, take pauses to relax and gain strength. Another great idea for working at home is training. Leave back pain in office chairs. Yoga, light gymnastics, dumbbells – spent 15-20 minutes on them will respond with excellent health.

Keep track of nutrition

The disadvantage of working in the office is that there is no home refrigerator at hand, and frequent urgent tasks make it impossible to eat normally. But do not rush to think that freelancers are all different. Yes, you don’t have to carry pads anymore, but, on the other hand, without a collective mind convincing that it is easier to lose weight together, the craving for a healthy diet can subside. Do not give in. Be sure to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Allow yourself only healthy snacks – nuts, fruits and no sweets. Still drink plenty of water.

Create a home office

Man is dependent on what surrounds him. Therefore, if efficiency is important to you, you need to stop working in bed, reclining on the couch or in your favorite old armchair. Organize a good workplace with a comfortable chair, good lighting and appliances. Try to work only there. So you train the brain, set it up for certain actions, so that it cannot deceive you, causing a nap or a desire to be distracted by social networks.

Keep clean and tidy.

Unlike the office, you will not have a cleaning lady at home. Does productivity depend on cleanliness of an apartment? Of course yes. Firstly, in a dusty, cluttered room it’s hard and harmful to work. Secondly, when you realize that the disorder is out of control, you automatically focus on eliminating it, and not on work tasks. This means that you need not only to keep your workplace in order, but also to monitor the entire apartment, to connect your family or partner to the cleaning.

Do not neglect social connections

One of the privileges of working in an office is the potential for collaboration and socialization. Do not give up on what, at first glance, it is better to hide in your own apartment. Try communicating with your colleagues at least a couple of times a week — by email, phone, Skype, or even in person. Nobody demands excessive frankness and friendliness from you. Just keep working communication so that your colleagues know that you are ready for it and can meet you at the right time.

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