How to stop the process of burnout: Tips from a doctor Alexei Bashkirtsev

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Life requires 100% returns. At home, at work, in personal affairs. But often over-activity is followed by exhaustion and emotional imbalance. How to stop the self-destruction process – advice from the chief physician of Edem Resort Medical & Spa, candidate of medical sciences, member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, international expert on anti-aging medicine Alexei Bashkirtsev.

Alexei, is it possible to avoid burnout?

To get rid of the problem – you need to recognize it. Burnout is not a one-day illness. It accumulates over time. This is a process that can drag on for a long time.

12 steps to burnout:

The desire to prove their worth.
Increased labor intensity.
Neglect of one's own needs.
"Burial", not conflict resolution.
Rethinking values.
Failure to recognize problems.
Contact restriction.
Behavioral changes.
Inner emptiness.
Depressed mood.
Complete exhaustion – burnout, depression, search

If we recognize ourselves in these steps, what should we do?

First of all, set a clear framework for working and free time. For example, we recommend that guests of our Health Restoration Center choose the most comfortable pace for themselves, where active work alternates with relaxation. And it is quite possible. The universal formula is rest two days a week. But I am most impressed with four working days and three days of rest. You can also use the rule of three eights: eight hours of sleep + eight hours of work + eight hours of rest. In this case, priority is first rest, and then "acceleration". But in reality, unfortunately, the opposite is true – we first use our resource, actively work and give all our best, and then we can’t wait for a weekend or a vacation.

Now productivity is a trend. At the same time, it turns out that working hard is harmful?

In our minds there is a substitution of concepts. Overtime is not an indicator of effectiveness, as many may assume. This is a fact that demonstrates: the team is no longer working effectively. And for the owner of the enterprise, this means that soon the employee will fall ill and everything will end either with his absence or presentism – when the employee comes to work sick.

What health recovery programs can you recommend?

To combat emotional burnout, we developed a program "Productivity" with a duration of 3 or 7 days.

The 3-day program is designed for quick recovery of forces that have been spent on complex and intensive work. We recommend it in the initial stages and at the first manifestations of chronic fatigue syndrome. The program is supervised by a therapist with specially selected procedures that are combined with therapy.

The 7-day program is an advanced option. It is suitable for those who are at the stage of professional burnout, chronic fatigue syndrome, apathy caused by emotional overload. The program is supervised by a doctor, possible "malfunctions" in the body are identified and eliminated, disguised as a state of chronic fatigue. The guest receives motivational and consulting support from a psychotherapist, which, in combination with physiotherapeutic methods of medicine, gives a 100% increase in productivity.

And remember, energy recovery is not a vacation, but a direct investment in your health and life expectancy.

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