How to dress for the party: Tell Valentina Supikhanova, Anastasia Ershova, Alina Boyko

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When parties are an integral part of life at the call of the heart or on duty, you will learn the rules of the dress code and the tricks of the wardrobe. In a special project, the editors of L’Officiel-Ukraine talked with three girls who know everything about parties and more.

Alina Boyko

Business consultant

Silk shirt, skirt and shawl, leather belt, suede over the knee boots, ALBERTA FERRETTI

Due to the conventional bohemian nature of my life, I prefer to dress in a way that is comfortable and pick up the child from school, and then go to the party. Usually this is a midi dress, low-heeled boats and a laconic bag. I am against casual style even for daytime events and neglect of the dress code as a whole, because, adhering to the stated rules, you show respect to the organizers. Cannes Film Festival is always a black tie, an art presentation or a party – “Cocktail”, and to spend the whole day at the Biennale, a dress code is not needed. The emphasis in the latter case, I usually do not focus on the dress, but on accessories – I choose earrings or a handbag similar to an art object, which can also serve as a topic for talking with people close to art. I try not to splurge on clothes for one evening – I invest in accessories that can make elegant dresses concise. For parties, white shirts with bows can be an excellent base, and it is extremely important that things fit perfectly.

The most memorable events: Karin Reutfeld's party during the Paris Fashion Week, masked ball at the Venice Film Festival and Red Shoes Christmas Dance from L’Officiel-Ukraine.

I would never put feathers on a party, for ethical reasons.

Anastasia Ershova


Silk shirt, cotton jeans, ALBERTA FERRETTI

The main part of the parties that I attend is abroad, so for me the country and location are important first of all. Ibiza is a kind of underground chic. Here I like to combine different textures – denim, leather, I can add sequins, since they look very impressive in clubs. On the feet – sneakers or any other comfortable shoes. Shoes on the platform are well suited – so you're immediately above everyone and no one will dance on your feet! Mykonos is more relaxed, at night people look about the same as during the day, except for a couple of nightclubs. A more bohemian style is appropriate here, just as modern hippies would dress. If in Ibiza with jeans shorts you wear sneakers, then in Mykonos it will be Greek woven sandals and an unusual fringed cape. Tulum is a place where you can even go to the party barefoot and in a swimsuit, as they are usually on the beach. Heeled shoes are inappropriate, unlike social events in Cannes, but there you are unlikely to dance all night long.

The most memorable events: Burning Man festival, which has become a real spiritual experience.

I would never put on heels for the party I'm going to dance at.

Valentina Supikhanova

The owner of the Kiev boutique Alberta Ferretti

Woolen jumpsuit, leather belt and sandals, ALBERTA FERRETTI

I always start from the dress code of the event I’m going to, but on duty, of course, I prefer clothing of the Alberta Ferretti brand. Recently, I like to mix more elegant things with casual style – to add jeans with some unusual earrings or shoes, to make a bright accent with accessories, so that the image does not seem everyday. If this is a black tie event, be sure to wear an evening dress in the floor from the Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition line, in which there are a lot of beautiful options that match the dress code. I don’t wear many accessories, especially for evening events – it can only be a laconic bag or spectacular massive earrings, as, for example, from the autumn collection. Things will be relevant for parties now with sequins and other shiny elements, they look especially bright in motion – this is what dancing is for.

The most memorable events: Alberta Ferretti show in Monaco.

I would never wear leggings, a leather miniskirt at a party.

Address of Alberta Ferretti store in Kiev: Arena City shopping center, st. B. Vasilkovskaya, 1-3

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