How Stella McCartney Changes the Fashion World for the Better

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Stella McCartney is not only the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and fashion photographer Linda Eastman, but also a doctor of law, an animal and environmental advocate, a world-renowned designer whose clothes have become a real cult for classy fashion designers around the world, and winner of an award for innovation and outstanding a contribution to fashion, namely raising awareness of environmental issues and developing sustainability.

The world's first eco-brand Stella McCartney for the entire fashion industry has become a role model. However, at first, ideas about eco-awareness markedly distinguished the brand from other brands. When Stella was just studying at Central Saint Martins, her work was treated with arrogant envy (for the graduation collection, she called on girlfriends supermodels Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, without thinking about their superpopularity, which caused envious indignation among fellow students), and there was a superfluous talent since she was not attributed. However, very soon, Stella showed an extraordinary and delicate artistic flair and talent for a fashion designer and immediately found herself on an internship with Christian Lacroix, and then as a creative director at Chloé's house, replacing Karl Lagerfeld.

From the very beginning of her creative activity and career, Stella preached conscious consumption and, as a result, production. Careful attitude to the planet and its inhabitants is one of the main features of the Stella McCartney brand. We remember why we still love the designer (and we will love) – for those, it would seem, extremely simple, but such important principles, thanks to which modern fashion is so flexible and comfortable.

Comfort is sexy

Even in the process of training, Stella outlined for herself the main aesthetic trends – intellectual, self-confident sexuality, poise in design, impeccable cut and feminine textures. Stella became friends at the dawn of her career with Phoebe Fileau, and they even worked together at Chloe and Celine. Their approach to the disclosure of female beauty has the same basis – the desire to feel good in clothes. Phoebe's collections are subsequently slightly more masculine, while Stella's collections are slightly more refined. However, impeccable aesthetics and perfected McCartney silhouettes are difficult to overshadow. Refinement, gloss and comfort – these are the components thanks to which the woman in Stella McCartney things is truly irresistible. The inspiration for young Stella was her mother, who almost did not use makeup, herself made a short ragged haircut and dressed in the style of grunge chic long before it became fashionable. According to the designer, she wore things “ruthlessly and fearlessly,” which is the real magic of femininity. It is not surprising that with such a deep sense of beauty, Stella managed to increase sales of Chloe almost four times after her arrival.

Sport is beautiful

Tom Ford helped Stella establish her brand in 2002, and very soon she managed to conquer the world, convince the giants Group and Kering to promote the development of the brand and establish a close and long cooperation with Adidas. It is as if all of us all our lives we know elegant sportswear and Adidas by Stella McCartney sneakers, and on the hangers of sports boutiques they always attract to themselves in the first place – you want to wear them, play sports in them or just show off on the streets. This is because Stella creates her design with a clear understanding of what a woman wants to be, how comfortable she is and how she wants to evaluate herself. In many ways, it was precisely at Stella’s suggestion that sports chic filled our minds and wardrobes. Just because once they tried it, people no longer wanted to give up comfort.

Planet is the most important

A member of PETA, Stella never used natural fur, feathers and leather, preferring to find increasingly refined textures of eco-leather and synthesized silk. So the designer established a partnership with the company Bolt, which is engaged in the development of ethical materials. In collaboration with the company's developers, Stella McCartney launched a line of clothing made from eco-friendly wool, regenerated cashmere, organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Sustainability is luxury

Finally, in 2017, Stella launched an advertising campaign in which models in luxurious outfits posed against a backdrop of mountains of garbage. The uncompromising statement gave impetus to a new stage in the development of fashion – the course on sustainability. Ecological problems began to be sounded and discussed more often in large brands, and over the past three years, more than half of them abandoned natural fur and leather. And while at first the products made of synthesized materials and the jewelry made of metal and plastic, which the brand is famous for, were mistrusted, in a short period Stella completely rethought the luxury wardrobe, accustoming everyone else to the fact that the dress is made of eco-leather or bio-designed silk (a substitute for durable spider silk) can look as luxurious as natural fabrics. While everyone was chasing novelty and sales, Stella McCartney calmly and confidently continued to defend her ideas and as a result set the only right and important direction for the entire industry.

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