How Kardashian: young mother Anastasia Kostenko tried on a corset for weight loss

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When Kim Kardashian gave birth to a child, she tried to regain a slender waist with the help of a special corset. Many women followed suit, despite the controversial comments of doctors and skepticism of Dita von Teese. Probably the world-famous member of the family reality show was inspired by Anastasia Kostenko, the wife of football player Dmitry Tarasov.

The model admitted that she wears a “quality original from the USA” for some time and managed to lose some weight.

Recall that Anastasia Kostenko gave birth to a daughter on July 10. The girl was named Milana. Since then, a young mother regularly puts in her microblogging pictures with baby, delighting fans and talking about how the baby grows.

Do you believe in such devices?

Photo and video: instagram

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