Horoscope for February – 2020

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Each month, especially for L’Officiel Ukraine, astrologer Christel Dessoy makes predictions for all zodiac signs.


March 21 – April 20

General condition: your strength has strengthened after the holidays and is now to match your fiery temperament. You do not have ambitions – you will sweep away everything on your way to the goal. It is important to correctly calculate efforts and determine priorities.

Love: you crave new conquests and are not going to anchor for long in one port.

My advice: give free rein to your nature as an adventurer!


April 21 – May 21

General condition: Uranus will help you pack up and regain control of your life, which, as you thought yesterday, crumbled into fragments. You will rush to new opportunities, and the stars will help to achieve success.

Love: an unexpected meeting can break the usual relationship. If you truly value the relationships that you have already built, you will have to fight the real temptation.

My advice: for you there are no unrealistic goals, now you are able to surpass yourself.


May 22 – June 21

General condition: you are simply dazzling. Now there have been exceptionally successful circumstances for the embodiment of the most daring ambitions, it’s not far from the pinnacle of success. Your turn!

Love: a favorable atmosphere surrounds you like never before. Good luck and love will become your constant companions.

My advice: try not to break the perfect harmony that the stars gave you.


June 22 – July 22

General condition: after the winter holidays, you stay in good shape. Bravo!

Love: you dream of an unearthly passion, but want to stay free. Oddly enough, you will be able to combine these incongruous things. Only you are capable of this!

My advice: do not turn nostalgia into a cult! This is unproductive.


July 23 – August 23

General condition: you know how to enjoy life and appreciate it, for this she smiles at you in return. Get out of the shadows and take action!

Love: the show has begun! This is your game, you have all the trump cards in your hands. And no one will know how hard it is sometimes for you from memories of the past.

My advice: in difficult moments, your legendary determination will come to the rescue.


August 24 – September 23

General condition: well, you are smiling, and life no longer seems so sad. And the stars will help you build plans for the future and step by step towards the goal. Your truly fantastic hard work will pay off with interest.

Love: Jupiter will brightly illuminate your sky, will present you with real happiness and bliss. The main thing is to believe in your charm (and it’s really outstanding in you)!

My advice: trust your lucky guiding star!


September 24 – October 23

General condition: in anticipation of spring, you will be simply charming. At work and in your environment, you will decisively break with the past, which prevented you from developing.

Love: after months of doubt and anxiety, light will flash at the end of the tunnel. You will finally turn the page and boldly take a step towards new love.

My advice: bet on your sociability and exceptional ability to win the sympathy of people.


October 24 – November 22

General condition: a period that is somewhat unstable emotionally – you will be thrown into laughter, then into tears. If you can take control of emotions and trust the changes that will come into your life, you will achieve significant success in new professional areas.

Love: unexpected twists and turns are possible in your personal life, do not let yourself be pissed off and be on your guard.

My advice: do not deny yourself small pleasures!


November 23 – December 21

General condition: take time to break out into nature and at least briefly disconnect from all problems. You will have attractive opportunities, and several at once. Determine which one is closest to your goals and focus on it.

Love: you are emotionally stressed and flare up from the slightest spark. Do not let petty disputes grow into serious conflicts.

My advice: seek new knowledge to expand your experience.


December 22 – January 20

General condition: you are mercilessly torn at work. Give yourself rest to regain strength. Learn from past mistakes, give up what pulls you back, and focus on new opportunities and activities that you are really interested in.

Love: the sinister Saturn retreated from your horizon, taking with him everything old and unnecessary. Your period of internal rebirth begins. Trust the wisdom of life itself!

My advice: feel free to use your charisma!


January 21 – February 19

General condition: remember, you are a great professional. You just need to learn how to properly present yourself to employers. Do not look for success on the beaten track, he may be hiding behind unexpected meetings with strangers.

Love: if you wanted to formalize your relationship with your loved one, then now is the most favorable moment.

My advice: the ability to stand out in a crowd is your hobby. Only this must be done benevolently, without showing arrogance to others.


February 20 – March 20

General condition: at the end of winter in your life will come a period of blissful calm and comfort. For all your need for symbiosis with colleagues and friends, you suddenly want complete freedom and autonomy. From now on, you are your own boss!

Love: fairy princes are found in real life. Just open your eyes wider and take a closer look around!

My advice: best of all, everything turns out when you improvise.

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                                                            horoscope for February 2020,
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