Holiday of Consumerism: How “Black Friday” appeared

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People spending the night near the shops, advertisements with calls to come and buy for ridiculous money, price tags that are delightful – in the USA they are used to all this, and therefore they wait a whole year. The tradition has also come close to us, but not on such a scale. And while domestic marketers are deciding whether they need a “Black Friday”, we remember how it appeared, suddenly take root.

Theories of occurrence

There are at least three of them in English sources. The most politically incorrect is that supposedly in the 1800s, slave traders made discounts on Fridays. This version was recognized by the Americans as discrediting their society of equality and social justice, therefore, we will consider the most probable ones.

In the 1950s, factory managers noticed that after Thanksgiving, which begins the festive Christmas season in the United States, far fewer people come to work. The workers wanted a long weekend, which the authorities had to put up with. Factories suffered losses, so Friday became “black”.

Option number two states that the term was coined by the Philadelphia traffic police because they couldn’t name what happened on the roads when entire families went shopping, for a football match and for a meeting with Santa. The phrase “Black Friday” was picked up by journalists, making it popular and widely used.

The third version is directly related to trade and was formulated in the 1980s. According to her, stores in the autumn period suffered significant losses and only a sale on Friday after Thanksgiving made it possible to even out income. At the same time, it is not specified why exactly such a landmark day for shopaholics got its demonic name. Most likely, the notion of police and the entrepreneurship of retailers came together at one point, giving the USA a day of total sales.

Growth and development

“Black Friday” did not immediately become widespread. According to sources, stores began to actively use this move in the late 1980s – early 1990s. Not everyone arranged sales, until the Internet and faster dissemination of information came into play. Secondly, 20-30 years ago there wasn’t such a huge selection of goods as now. As you know, there is no offer, there will be no buyer. Until the worldwide network began to dictate the rules and create competition, the shops were in no hurry to open early, and if they did, they only worked 6 hours. The situation has radically changed the Internet. Until the early 2000s, online shopping was something dubious and not credible. People simply did not understand how to buy and pay for something through a computer. But progress has taken its toll. Since 2008, the number of online purchases has grown significantly, the costs of buyers choosing online shopping, during the days of discounts, exceed billions of dollars. But now on the heels of “Black Friday” comes cyber Monday – for those who did not have time.

Not only in shop windows

Interestingly, “Black Friday” in the United States is not so unambiguous. Even if we close our eyes, which we frankly do not want, the problem of thoughtless consumerism, there are other sensitive issues. For example, do you have a day off after Thanksgiving? This question is plaguing officials in several US states at once. But in Oklahoma until 2013, “Black Friday” was generally banned due to a law passed in 1941. He demanded that all companies that sell a wide variety of goods, make an extra charge on them of not more than 6% of the cost. Therefore, any kind of sales was prohibited.

“Black Friday” in the US is often criticized for the fact that for many buyers this day may end in injury. Fights in the queues, crush – its invariable attributes, which puts another conditional plus in favor of online shopping.

Discounts are discounts, but do not forget that even they are not a reason to lose a human face and flood your own living space with unnecessary things or gadgets.

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