Fashion Odyssey: How Jacques-Yves Cousteau would dress in our time

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"Only impossible missions bring success"

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

109 years ago, in the south of France, a man was born who gave us a whole world of exciting discoveries about the oceans and was the first to express the seemingly fantastic, but surprisingly sensible idea that humanity should not just explore the ocean, but live in it.

From his youthful years, Jacques-Yves Cousteau dived into the blue sea and dreamed of the depths of the World Ocean, its secrets and hidden possibilities for man. When no one thought to dive deep under water for long periods of time, and the available devices were awesome-looking bulky diving suits that were life-threatening when diving to a depth of more than 20 meters, in collaboration with designer Emile Ganyan Jacques-Yves Cousteau gave the world what we know as scuba is a reliable regulator of air supply for safe diving to great depths.

One of the first, along with Leni Riefenshtal, and even a little earlier, the researcher, director and inventor Cousteau tried underwater surveys, collecting and submerging under water, to a depth of about 20 meters, a 35-millimeter camera in a waterproof case. Cousteau developed the underwater lighting equipment and television system, but his most important invention was the bathyscaphe, an autonomous deep-water vessel for oceanographic research.

The diving saucer, as Cousteau's invention was called, had a light body resembling a float filled with gasoline and carrying a second body of durable, hollow-shaped material. It housed the equipment, equipment control panels and the crew itself. This sample of the underwater research vessel was one of the first and the most successful of its kind.

In 1956, Cousteau, being an unprofessional director and object of barbs from ponderous academic academics, made the film “The World of Silence” and, despite sassy gossip, won for him the Oscar and the Palm Branch of the Cannes festival, and then again received the Oscar "for his second film" The History of Red Fish ", but the series" Underwater Odyssey Cousteau "is known to all of us since childhood.

Cousteau received his ship "Calypso" as a gift from the Irish beer magnate Guinness. Cousteau's friend, designer Andre Laban, who accompanied him for 20 years, called Jacques the second Napoleon for his courage, eagerness to comprehend what no one has yet reached, ingenuity and good organizational skills.

The main goal of the researcher was to expand the capabilities of mankind, narrow-minded consciousness. In 1960, Cousteau took part in the preparation of a historic event – immersion in the Mariana Trench – just like in Arthur Conan Doyle's fiction novel "Marakotov Abyss", in which the mad Professor Challenger did this trick.

Talking about the revolutionary and the crusher of the frontiers of the unknown can be a lot more. Above all, Cousteau was also a beautiful, charismatic man and he loved to dress elegantly. His denim shirt and red wool hat, tucked into the Breton style, became a cult stylistic device and look relevant even today. We fantasized how Cousteau himself would dress up, he lived in our days.

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