Fashion for cultural decline: 8 traditional Ukrainian home furnishings

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We live in a marvelous and squeaky hour, how many trochs are in the first place of the Keruvati piece of electronics in robotic systems. Dehto nazivє tse ochіkuvannyam "fourth industrial revolution". Prote, turn around to the office of the office, beginners with the best technology, we would like to get the best service. Fantasies born in the nineteenth century had a good time b, having swayed wood and clay dishes at apartments milenіalіv uncleaned futuristic glazed constructions and a hologram.

Ale so і є: having superseded by the production of mass virobnitz, people began to revel in the mystery of crafts, crafts, natural materials and traditional technologies. Interesting interests to unique items and manual products that were not at all the same in most areas: fashion, gastronomy, design. We bear the clothing of local brands, craft beer and beer, the furniture and the decor of manual robots. Even though she didn’t want to, she put in her yak, her warmth of her hands, her unique spirit.

So, the life of the most ukrainian Ukrainians has understood the concept of sustainability, but also the "sustainable development". There is a new social trend, which is why we need to start the process: see the behavior with the people before the show, the plastic, the way the decoration is done before the culture and traditional people. We often have more simple natural materials that are better than historical ones. To set the Ukrainian tradition of global tradition and authenticity on one tab with the main trends of the world – for example, design expert and architect Michel Ogundekhin called “Ukrainian primitive” one of the 7 latest international trends.

And on the rivial and indivisible – the price is great. Know local brands, like home furnishings and decor, Victorian reminiscent technology. Try out integrate traditional items from today. I pobachiti, naskilki tse it is accepted that atmospheric.

At once with the project Vsі. They’ve chosen 8 traditionally Ukrainian home-made items, like organically watching from the regular Internet’s. Pridbati ikh is possible on the Sochasne Etno market, which will be 22–23 fierce at Desyatinnіy 12.

Village dishes

Wood bowls AKWOOD, spoons and bowls WoodenDreams, Woodlavka plank

A robot made of wood – one of the most popular Ukrainian crafts, as if it’s a year old, you can settle into your kitchen and see it organically. Mova yde about wood’s utensils: sovereign maystern victorious old tradition for creating unique virabi. Tse garna eco is an alternative to the standard dishes – plates, cups, spoons and other dishes to be cooked from the outer pores of the tree, to be baked with natural olies and bjolin wax. The skin is tak rich – it’s uniquely, even the natural texture of the nikoli tree I won’t repeat.

Lyalka motanka

Lyalka-motanka MOTANKA

To lead globalization to the point where people are becoming more and more important than the memory of their own root, and identify yourself with the singing ethnos. Don’t miss the important links of the past with the Maybutn’s additional design trend. I want to reaffirm the great respect for the local cultural peculiarities, the warmth of the history, tradition, and folklore of the folklore. So, “grounded” and scooped power from Ukrainian self-esteem will help you to create your own hand-made mottles, as well as enjoy a stylish decor for your role.


IZOBÎLNOE cloth, Moon Linen apron, pillow "Ballon"

Lion and vishivka is an ideal couple, like a bull on a leather screen in a village of Chi Mist. Siyogodny llyany speech for the house to become popular through its aesthetics, hypoallergenic, environmental, social, practical. But it’s almost the same as if it was embellished with hand-made vishivka, then the Inter’єr became just unique. And smut – live. The bedclothes, bedcloths, tablecloths, servetki and raneri, decorative pillows and aprons are always an assortment of Ukrainian brands for the winter, and you can catch stylish words for the audience.

Ceramics and pottery

Ceramics "Eight comora"

Thousand-thousand-year-old robots with clay, which can be passed on by the ministers from generation to generation, this year we will deny life. View Opisnyansky and Kosіvsky sіmeіnyih maysteren to designer studios к ceramics on the right in Ukraine are alive, develop and produce dishes and decor in the latest styles. For traditional traditions є plates, glaziers and potters with malovannymi ornaments, and for cherished minimalism – sculptural geometric shapes of vases, cups and dishes. Usi virobi riznih keramіstіv і maysteren about the same warmth and strength of clay, so as to bring the atmosphere in settled, I settled in the yak.

Kilimi and Lizhniki

Kilimi KilimArt Studio, "Ґushka"

Kilimarstvo is a busy thing for a long time, but it is important to establish that if it is de novo born out. Ale in Ukraine є maysternі, even before the present year, and that multiply the old secrets of the kilimov’s vigotovlennya. Stink to get your own virobi from the traditional traditions of technology, give it an up-to-date look, and experiment with design. Sered materіalіv – natural wool, bavovna. I want 10 more to do this, kilim in the interior’s anti-trend, and the new year’s robots of Ukrainian brands to brighten up the most simple space.

Weaving textile

Woven pillow KilimArt Studio

The infection in Ukraine is a happy craft, and the cloth towels, made at the Krolevets municipality in Sumy, were exported to Italy, Canada, the USA, France, Japan, and they went to foreign countries. Vidrodzhuyuchi tsikava and old-fashioned tradition of weaving, modern brandy, weave relevant home furnishings and decor: paintings and panels, accessories, kilimi and dorizhki, pillows so thin. Taka rich zdatna revive the Inter’єr, nadati yomu a powerful voice and may even obov’yazkovo – I’m known to you. More leather weaves virib to be created by the hands of the mayor and take in himself yogo energy.

String bags

Textile cats and OSHA string bags

The very same "shoppery" boules we have with our grandmother – linen torbi and wicker string bags. And at the same time, the triumphal course of the polyethylene bags was increased. That nenadovgo – sogodnymi mi proyvodno v_dmovlyaєmosya vid plastic and that turn into a whirl ecologichnі, dovgovichnі і – wait a minute! – nabagato pretty bags. Ukrainian brands subtly identify trends, moreover, have a long time to look at different kinds of clothes in different types of bags: to add woven handbags for upgrading trendy patterns to shopping bags for shopping, and for decorative shopping.


Wicker baskets "Rozanov Oleksandr", textile cats OSHA

Wearing this zberigati speech and products is also possible in cats, wicker ones. Lozopletіnnya – more than one long time ago Ukrainian craft (you can see it on our territory by archaeologists who are neolithic), as it was today, it made a new read. You can change your model of a handbag, a basket, you can look like Jane Birkin, and you can buy a little kitty and organ house in a prettier, more environmentally friendly way.

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