Exclusive on L'Officiel Online: Actress Brі Larson rozpovіdaє about her new role in the film “Judgment of Soviets”

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On September 16, in Ukrainian rental, enter the film “Judgment and Soviets”, directed by Destіn Deniel Kretton. The plot of the film н runtuєtsya on historical heights.

Until the hands of lawyer Brian Stivenson (Michael B. Jordan), you can trap right Walter Macmillian (James Fox). A dark-skinned man, who kind of rockedly indignantly grew up growing up with a squad of nine children, would like to win a drive, even though at the time of his last meeting, Walter Buve was in a crowded crowd at the friends' club.

Attorney Stivenson Nin є Professor of the Law Department of the New York University, Assistant Professor and Director of the Initiative of Equal Justice. In the United States, the power of the mortality of the mortal viroci was reduced to 18 people. The lawyer himself having stepped through the script to the movie about himself. One of the leading roles was played by Brі Larson. Especially for L'Officiel, the actress rozpovіla about the robot over the film.

If you have come forward to know about Judgment of Consciousness and the history of Brian Stivenson?

Tse bulo kіlka rokіv that. Destin (Deniel Kretton), having persuaded me to give me the whole story, pleased to read Brian’s book. I immediately pinned її. The book made me worse and more hostile, it inflamed me more and more. I was in charge of capturing, if I was asked for money for money, I was asked for money for the price of history.

"Judgment by Soviets" is your third film by Destin Kretton. What do you want to say about them and how to win the price of a project?

Destin for me is like a brother. To that, I ask the docs of win before my projects, I’m waiting for the weather. In addition, the team, a yak practiced with him from the “Short Term 12” hour, for me, yak sіm’ya. I feel comfortable even with them, and I’m not afraid to try out new speeches, and even wait for a second speech. Destin bring so much love and humanity to the robot. Prior to that, there’s the same value, scho i Brian. I think that it will be better to look at the movie for an hour.

How do you respect, people from outside the United States will be able to compete in history?

I don’t look at Judging by Soviets, because I’m totally American. We talk about mortal punishment, ale posture tsim mi pіdnіmaєmo nourishment of advancement, marginalized suspension and bіdnostі. We talk about the system of evil, i, to my dummy, sorry, it is super-logical.

Have you ever been in contact with a real “Your Ansl?”

Vaughn came to zyomki kіlka raziv, and until tsyo they spoke by phone. Vaughn nadzvichayna specialty that zavdi zavdnee nadії. Tsya rice – those who are naturally struck by me. I set the third bagato to eat on the alert: "How do you know how to cope with the Initial Justice?" or "Did you remember how to bring your robot?" Vona vіdpovіla menі: "Nі, I vіdchuvayu, scho everything is older girshhe". I fueled to that: "What am I wanting to do with you?" Vona vidpovila: "As a matter of fact, I can give you trochies of hope, that’s why I’m gonna make sense for me. Whoever succeeds, what’s failure, what’s unimportant, then wait for the power of human stosunk". For us, it was important to convey the message to the film “Judgment by Soviets”. Tsey film about the people of that system, the Yak Lama so bagato people. However, it is possible to change the meaning of people's thoughts.

Єvi and Bryan have a better time with movies. How did you come up with Michael B. Jordan on screen?

Michael, wait for me for me yak sim. If they started the movie “Short Term 12”, the output of the movie “Station” Frutvil “. After that we ran a bagato an hour at a time and then we’ve tried one at the same time at the projects. I can see it on the screen. Vin is super-random and turbulent, ludina, and I want to live with those who have not been timid with this movie before – are behind the scenes.

Roskazhit more details about the work of Brian, especially when reading a book.

I believe that scholarship is a form of activity, a form of exchanging energy and a form of initiation. The ability to do this for the most part for being able to work, bagato meant for me. Bryan Bagato, who has twisted me. For me, the fate of the film and the opportunity to go through all the hats became one of the most vigid partnerships, like bullets in my life.

Acting characters have a great time to shiver and speak to finish super-spoken speeches. Tsіkavo, scho vіdbuvaєatsya, if the camera turns on.

Tsetsave nutrition. I would say, with an ugly face, at the end of a dark day, if you want to make a note of important scenes, love, joy and humor, they’ll help to cope with this. So shy and Destin. Win without allowing anyone to go far away. However, in deyakі momenti the bulo is longer than that of the older one. Dyachen scenes were blowing over people and that they snapped over supersonic rozmovi. As a rule, we drove to a singing location, for whom we couldn’t turn back to our trailers, they gave us a room, we could sit and convince them at one and the same time with our thoughts. Tsei filіm rozhuzhuv after a glibokі rozmov and middle us. The stinks helped outlive the mustache, which was just getting on the Maidan, they numbed us.

Marveled like that: Michael B. Jordan and Bree Larson take Jamie Fox’s video in the trailer for Judgment of Ownership trailer.

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