Editorial test: How to live a week before a salary aground

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Two more weeks before the salary, but no money? Painfully familiar situation. Each time we make sure that the new shoes are not worth a week of hunger, and each time we do not learn from our mistakes. It may seem that the life of gloss editors is closed parties, a wardrobe with designer clothes and business trips at Fashion Week. But all this is as far from the truth as the life of Carrie Bradshaw in Manhattan with Manolo Blahnik shoes for the salary of a columnist.

We admit: instead of closed parties on Fridays, we eat pizza and watch the next series of “Sex and the City”. Because for a party you need a desire to get out of bed and a new dress, and there is still a whole week to pay. How to survive it? We share proven tips and the bitter experience of living without money.

Time of romance

The week before the paycheck is the best time to arrange a personal life. Here you will have to drop all your prejudices and, perhaps, pride, and forget about gender equality for the sake of survival for a while. Here is a detailed instruction:

Download Tinder.
 Add your best photos and swipe right until you find a man (or woman) ready to feed you.
 Exchange of formalities, easy flirtation – and now you are already sitting in a restaurant and having dinner for the first time in a week.

But seriously, you can get useful contacts, visit the most delicious places in the city, and maybe find love. The main thing – do not skimp on the likes!

It's time to lose weight

The last days before the paycheck is always a forced detox. Think of it as an opportunity to cleanse the body and lose those extra pounds. Neither we nor nutritionists recommend losing weight on juices (besides, they are expensive), but green salads and fruits from the market are a very good option to capitalize on the situation. The main thing – do not go into starvation, because you can only do this under the supervision of a doctor, and spending the last money on it would be irrational (it’s easier to eat than to pay for fasting, right?). So leave the spiritual practices to a salary.

Watermelon diet

August is on the street, which means it's time to buy a big watermelon and forget about all the expensive keto diets and protein bars. Proudly go to the market, buy fresh fruits and vegetables and enjoy your life (even if it does not have Four Cheese pizza).

Start running

Firstly, this is a very good prevention of stress: you forget about financial problems and only think about how to accidentally suffocate. Secondly, the lack of money is not a reason to give up sports. Running will temporarily replace classes with a trainer, dance lessons and other activities for which you need to pay money. There is one caveat: do not buy clothes for jogging, otherwise budget sports will lose their meaning.

Visit mom

We hope you still have money for a round-trip ticket. Even if they are more expensive than the subway, the investment is worth it. Think for yourself: a weekend in a city with bars, lunch in a new place and a movie will cost several times more, and if there is a shopping center nearby, consider it all gone. In the country, spending money is very difficult, even if you have it. All potential dangers like coffee houses and supermarkets with good wine remained in the city. It is enough to go into the garden to get dinner, and mother / grandmother / aunt / sister will try to feed you with all their might. Not life, but a fairy tale.

If you have no relatives in the village, then you definitely have married friends. They will understand, support and feed, they will also give food with themselves. If you're lucky, your girlfriend’s husband will toss you home.

Accept all invitations

If during a bohemian life with a salary you declined all invitations, now is the time to go out. Go to all presentations, exhibitions and press brunches, use accreditation and never miss out on premieres. There is always catering and free wine. At the same time, you can make useful contacts, and then a new job, since they pay so little on this one.

True, in order to use these benefits, you must be a journalist (or be friends with a journalist). If you do not have such friends, return to the first point.

Learn to brew coffee

Making coffee at home is a very budget option until you make the fatal mistake: buying a coffee machine. But since you don’t have money, you are safe. At the same time, learn how to brew coffee. A Turk or a geyser is not as tragic as it might seem at first glance. Italians generally believe that the only right way to make coffee is in a geyser coffee machine. We will even share the recipe:

All for sale

Well, almost everything. Of course, there is no price for the Saint Laurent vintage bag, and even more so for the sweater that the grandmother knitted. You can get rid of everything else. It is important here not only to sell everything that you did not wear in the last year, but also to check your pockets. What if there will be 200 hryvnias to eat once again?

Second-hand – new luxury

Another short instruction:

Watch the series Girlboss.

Be inspired by the example of Sofia Amoruzo, who created a empire of vintage Nasty Gal on T-shirts for 50 cents and earned millions.
Go to the second-hand.

Millions are not necessary to earn, but you can even buy a leather coat for 100 hryvnias, like Neo from the Matrix, or vintage Levi’s. There is a chance that at the next Fashion Week everyone will think that you wear Balenciaga, and not the "Forest" second-hand. Carry it with pride, because you save the planet: it is no longer possible to ignore climate threats, so upsizing is our only way out. Regardless of salary.

Sign up to the library

Free books are one thing. Free wifi is something else. When the Internet is turned off for non-payment, and there is no money left for coffee (so that, as usual, to work in a coffee shop), we understand the real value of libraries. Take a laptop, passport, plastic covers and go to the nearest library. You will be surprised to learn that libraries have become a plastic processing center, and also a place where you can read for free new items for which you gave a fortune at the Book Arsenal. A few more advantages: silence, no people, the charm of modernist architecture.

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