Ecotrend: How to decorate a Christmas tree instead of plastic

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You need to be consistent in everything! If you follow the trend of caring for the environment, then even during the New Year holidays season. We talk about how to decorate a Christmas tree, better than real, than artificial, the decay period of which is several centuries, without the use of plastic.

Once upon a time, the world did not know that almost everything – from garlic to refrigerators – would be produced in China. To create a festive mood, no one bought at the supermarket packages of toys from obscure material and snowflakes made of polystyrene foam. Glass Christmas-tree decorations were kept as a family heirloom, and the rest of the decor was made of paper and other improvised means. We suggest returning to the past for green ideas.

Christmas tree decorations

One or a whole set, in 3D, for coloring and in kind – Christmas tree decorations made of wood are becoming more and more popular every year. Ukrainian manufacturers do not cease to amaze with the variety of such decor. If you think that good Carpathian gnomes carve funny deer or balls with patterns, you are mistaken. Christmas tree decorations made of wood are made with the help of modern and ultra-precise lasers, and the festive spruce or pine tree that has served its purpose often becomes the basis for them. Such a cycle and non-waste production.

Cinnamon sticks

One of the most popular jewelry in the USA. Cinnamon sticks successfully complement the aroma of needles, do not spoil for a long time. They can be bandaged with a bright ribbon, arranged with other spices, such as rosemary branches. A little glue, fantasy – and the decoration will be ready. By the way, in China, the cinnamon aroma is called the smell of immortality. We program, so to speak, the new year only for the best.

Clay Christmas toys

The material used by man is an incredible number of years. Eco-friendly but fragile. With careful storage, clay jewelry can serve for a long time, acquiring additional meaning and symbolism. They can be made independently or purchased at the Christmas market. If a ceramic decoration was left in the casket, which remained without a fastener and did not wait for repair, try using glue and ribbons to craft the decoration on and from the tree.

Match Decoration

Task for funny gatherings with girlfriends. What is necessary? Actually, girlfriends, a lot of matches, glue, paints, ribbons and, of course, champagne. Get together, find “matchwork” on the Internet, choose the shape you like, fill the glasses – and make it up, laugh, making your holiday closer.

Christmas cookies

The easiest and most obvious way to decorate the Christmas tree, as well as imbue the atmosphere of the holidays. There are plenty of Christmas cookie recipes. It is best to choose those with a lot of spices and unleavened dough, which can hang and not deteriorate for at least six months. For added effect, holiday pastries can be painted with glaze. The abundance of molds allows you to embody the most diverse New Year's pranks, plus your own creative.


If in the kindergarten you did not make a garland of glued strips of colored paper, close the gestalt. Cut snowflakes, hang them around the apartment, carefully tying them with a thread – it’s so touching and childish! By the way, the network has ready-made templates for snowflakes that will amaze your imagination. Star Wars fans will surely appreciate the snowflake with master Yoda or Darth Vader. Origami – the option is more complicated, more thorough and, no doubt, more spectacular. Choose your strengths and abilities, but do not be afraid of difficulties!

Fresh and dry fruits

Hanging tangerines on a Christmas tree – what could be more original and more fun? A reception familiar from childhood can be supplemented, for example, with fresh apples. Choose small fruits. Take a special wire for crafts, covered with threads or paper, pierce the apple with it almost through, make a hook on a piece sticking out from above – that's it. Oven slices dried in the oven look great on the tree. To make the decoration you will need an orange and twine. Citrus fruits need to be cut throughout the thickness into equal rings. Put them on a baking sheet covered with foil. Put to dry in the oven for 4 hours at a temperature of 150 degrees. After that, make a hole in the upper part of the lobule, pass the twine through it. Simple, aromatic and very sweet.

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