Dress up like the heroines of the series "Gossip Girl"

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The series “Gossip Girl” returns – a story about teenagers from the Upper East Side will be redefined for the younger generation. To everyone who is a little over 20, “Gossip Girl” was remembered from school days. Serena and Blair fell in love with everyone in the preppy style, hoops and very strange end-of-zero trends, which it would be very difficult to love without that (we recognize that colored tights and wedge shoes were a mistake). Since Serena got off the train in a striped top and brown leather jacket in the first episode, our lives were no longer the same.

The series has become “Sex and the City” for the younger generation – the same scandalous, discussed and stylish. Serena and Blair influenced the audience no less than Carrie Bradshaw, just giving not the best examples. In addition to carefully selected images, each episode was accompanied by drama and illogical acts.

It is not surprising that now they want to retake the “Gossip Girl” – at least remember an episode where Chuck Bass is trying to rape a 14-year-old schoolgirl, and after a few seasons, he literally sells his girlfriend Blair in exchange for a hotel. In the #MeToo era, this scenario no longer seems acceptable. The new series will tell about how social networks affect the life of elite school students (in 2007, gossip messages came to Blackberry, and by the 6th season, it even reached Twitter and Facebook).

Although the plot itself is hopelessly outdated, we cannot deny the impact of the series on the trends of those times. Designers paid for the appearance of their clothes in at least one episode, the girls bought checkered skirts en masse, and the folders “interest” overwhelmed the images of Serena and Blair. Carly Kloss, Tory Burch, Rachel Zoe, Cynthia Rowley and Tim Gunn even appeared on the series.

“Gossip Girl” is a real encyclopedia on the style of the end of zero. It is not strange: the costume designer was Eric Daman, a former assistant of Patricia Field, who dressed the heroines of “Sex and the City”. “In all six seasons, Blair never appeared in the same hoop, and Serena did not wear the same pair of shoes or bags,” Daman said. Who will be responsible for the style of the new heroines is still unknown. Hopefully, the new version of "Gossip" will affect our wardrobes no less than the original, and the script will be much more modern. In the meantime, we propose to imagine what the heroines of the cult TV series would wear in our time.

Blair Waldorf

Do not disregard the “preppy” style: in 2019, Prada hoops became the main bestseller of the season, and from year to year Gucci introduced school uniforms by Alessandro Michele. Virgil Ablo devoted a collection of Pre-Fall 2019 to high school, and Raf Simons did the same in his latest collection for Calvin Klein. Blair – a fan of restraint and vibrant colors – today would wear Victoria Beckham or Givenchy from Claire Waite Keller.

Serena Vandervudsen

Glitter, high heel and extreme mini today seem to be a mauveton. In 2019, Serena would have worn the Isabel Marant, and, we suspect, she would have liked Balmain Olivier Rusten.

Jenny Humphrey

In the first seasons, Dan's younger sister Humphrey sewed dresses at home, and by the end of the series went into gothic – her tights in a net and leather jackets would have liked Edie Sliman and Anthony Vaccarello. Today, Jenny would be a fan of Saint Laurent and the new Celine.

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