Dress up like the heroine of the series "Big Little Lie"

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“My job is to give the actor a second skin in which he can become a different person,” says costume designer Alix Friedberg. She received an Emmy award for working on the first season of the Big Little Lie series. Psychological thrillers are not new to her: this Friedberg created costumes for the TV series “Real Detective” and “Sharp Objects”.

The clothes of the heroines became a logical continuation of their personalities – it is difficult to imagine Madeleine in anything other than a sheath dress, and Bonnie would not have put on Celeste's beige total bow. But we would love to wear it. While the “Monterey Five” is trying to hide the real cause of death for Perry, we suggest trying on images inspired by the heroes of the series.


Madeline has the perfect home, the perfect husband, the perfect family. It is not strange that her wardrobe is pretty boring. Sheath dresses, matching cardigans and tote bags appear almost in every episode, replacing only a floral print or a shade of pink.

Madeline is an incorrigible perfectionist and exemplary mother who is trying to take control of everything that stands in her way. Obviously, she has no time left for shopping. But the “boring” wardrobe is not always bad. Recall, for example, Megan Markle, who with a strict royal dress code manages to look not royally good. The heroine Madeleine prefers bright colors, Dolce & Gabbana and carefully composed images that hide problems in her personal life.


“I will NOT be rich!” She shouts to her husband, who lost all her money and went to jail for financial fraud. If in the first season Renata was another unpleasant character, then in the second the story of her financial collapse almost comes to the fore. The loss of wealth (and husband) makes Renatu vulnerable, but no less strong and self-confident. Her character is so contradictory that fans of the series call her the female version of Donald Trump. And what would the US president put on if he were a woman? Perhaps it was precisely this question that Alix Friedberg asked when creating an image of Renata – which is worth only the brilliant red dress of Roland Mouret with a gold belt and high boots Christian Louboutin. In it, Renata is removed for the cover of the gloss, poses to the song of Diana Ross and inspires fear in all stylist assistants.

The red dress was not the only symbolic image in the second season – think of a gold pleating for your daughter's party or a crocodile print jacket from Balmain. The latter, perhaps, suits Renate most: a fitted silhouette, an animal print hinting at danger, and the very cost of a jacket (do you like something as much as Renata loves money?).


Renata's husband lost his fortune due to a failed investment and changed his favorite baseball caps to a prison orange suit. It is good that the costumes of workers this season have become one of the main trends. Add leather bracelets and a dozen rings so loved by Gordon to the image – and boldly go to the rave.


From the boho style icon in the first season, Bonnie became a fan of the sports casual. Most often, it can be seen in sets for yoga and gray hoodie – the murder of her husband Celesta could not but affect her wardrobe. While Bonnie is trying not to go crazy, experiencing his guilt in an accident, the clothing fades into the background. But we very much hope that by the end of the season she will regain composure and love for dresses in lingerie style.


Camel coat and sweaters 50 shades of beige this season have replaced a dressing gown and ugg boots. Celeste lost an aggressive but loving husband and any interest in the new collections of her favorite brands Chloé, Max Mara and The Row. The only thing in this story is good: with the foundation she now hides not beatings, but only bags under her eyes from insomnia.


If there is someone in this series who dresses even duller than Madeleine, it's Jane. Heroine Shailene Woodley does not look like a girl who follows trends. She brings up her son, works in an aquarium and tries to pay for a house in one of the most expensive areas of California. If the wardrobe has become a logical continuation of her personality, then the choice of Monterey is not quite. In the first seasons, she hides in shapeless things in black, while in the second she enjoys vintage and relaxed Californian style.

Mary Louise

Sure: if the heroine Meryl Streep had been heartbroken by losing her son, she would have worn Burberry. Silk shawls, knitted cardigans and classic dresses from Ricardo Tisci would complement her bob and neat glasses.

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