Dress like: The hero of the movie "Home Alone" Kevin McCallister

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An unbreakable Christmas classic, the movie Home Alone with Macaulay Culkin in the title role, has been a magical island of childhood, joy and hope for 30 years, and many of us review it every year. From the non-prodigious housekeepers of Harry and Marv, the mysterious uncle with a shovel and Mom Kevin to the sad woman with pigeons in the park and the kind owner of a toy store – all the heroes of the first two parts left a warm mark on the heart of everyone who watched this film. However, the most important, at the same time sweet and very adult, with almost a philosophical mentality, is Kevin himself – millions of children (and adults) dreamed of being in his place, and his images in the movie are still quite quoted by many fans.

We, in turn, also spied on several fashionable ideas from the most fun and quick-witted hero of our childhood and youth. The color scheme of the film is designed in deliberately New Year's shades of red and green, which sometimes dilute white, blue, beige, gold and black. Kevin’s sweaters are woolen and often worn over t-shirts and shirts, and as costume designer Jay Hurley decided to wear a bulky beige down jacket, straight jeans, a huge red scarf and a funny reindeer hat for Calkin. In the second part – "Lost in New York" – on Kevin is a green duffle coat with a classic wooden button closure. We replayed these iconic images in a more modern and suitable for women's urban wardrobe. Another trick we saw with Kevin was a red coarse knit sweater and military trousers. This outfit is worthy of a street style chronicle. The second idea was a cage suit worn over a white T-shirt – this is how Kevin's checkered pajamas can be interpreted.

In a special way, all of Kevin’s things are mutually compatible – his plaid shirts, a bright blue sweater or a huge bomber jacket.

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