Dress like: Kate Moss style icon

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Kate Moss has become famous for luxurious filming and catwalking exits, high-profile antics, friendship with Naomi Campbell and a romantic union with Johnny Depp. In the middle of all this model, she also managed to dress flawlessly.

Kate, appearing every time in public, looked as if she did not try to dress up at all. However, this made the model's cult style. Small dresses on the straps, translucent combinations, asymmetric skirts and grunge jackets Moss successfully complemented with sloppy styling, simple rough boots and Johnny Depp.

Sometimes the model and actress appeared in elegant outfits like an elongated white jacket, but adjusted for the lack of underwear. The image was completed by a thin string of pearls and a short skirt. The casual outings of the 90s icon worked just as well as carefree sexuality. Kate wore a beige coat over a plain white T-shirt, with a dark skirt and jockey boots.

One of the iconic ones was the image of the model in the 2016 film “Just Amazing!”, Where Moss ends up in the pool in a shiny emerald dress, with a glass of champagne in his hand. A spectacular move for a party, but you can limit yourself to a dress.

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