Dress like: Heroine Jodie Foster from the movie Silence of the Lambs

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In 1991, the film Silence of the Lambs was released – an adaptation of the novel by writer Thomas Harris about the cannibal with sophisticated intelligence, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Young Jodie Foster in the film Jonathan Demmy played the role of a cadet of the FBI Academy, who made contact with Lecter in order to uncover the atrocious crimes of an unfortunate maniac named Buffalo Bill.

Hannibal is recognized as the most dangerous and clever criminal and is sitting in solitary confinement with overprotection, and Clarissa Starling comes to him to learn more about the behavior and thinking of maniacs. Clarissa comes in suits, at first glance the most ordinary, but the overall impression creates an inimitable. Discreet elegance, femininity, hidden in loose-fitting jackets, tightly buttoned shirts of dark shades and almost men's underwear tops, on top of which, carelessly open, they put on a jacket, coat and scarf in layers. The white blouse, more reminiscent of a T-shirt, is complemented by a black jacket with a direct silhouette – if you try on this image in everyday life, you can come to the conclusion that this is the perfect combination for a variety of occasions – moderately elegant, moderately strict and relaxed.

The whole look of the future FBI agent Clarissa Starling suggests that she is constantly on the move, has almost no time for careful fitting in front of the mirror, and her mind is busy with things of a completely different kind than classic female worries like seducing men. However, despite the image of a jerk, Clarissa is beautiful, wears a luxurious quilt and is always well-groomed. Perhaps the combination of perfect styling and deliberately simple, masculine utilitarian things and provides the effect of unobtrusive seduction. Intelligence and the natural feminine charm, which is not for show, as it were not for everyone, – Hannibal Lecter himself could not resist such a set. The ideas of Jodie Foster costumes in the film can be borrowed today, complementing shirts, laconic blouses and “inconspicuous” coats with slightly more cutesy ankle boots with a leopard insert and a feminine bag. And you can and your favorite sneakers with a backpack in the style of Prada.

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