Director Khristina Sivolap: "In the Ukrainian glance є well-to-do battle to beat a hundred-thousand-year-old movie"

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On September 16, in Ukrainian cinemas, you can marvel at the line "Viddana", which is aimed at the motives of the best-selling book Sofya Andrukhovich "Felix Austria". I knew the film Khristina Sivolap, for such a robot I became a great debut. In front of the premier’s mi, they got stuck with Christ, so that they could come to know about those who had won the great movie.

Dress Dafna May

About vib_professions

I don’t want to direct a daredevil: I’m tato pracyu on TV at Rivny, that’s why I went to Moscow, I went to the Institute of Karpenka-Kary, I went to such a mayor, Yury Tereshenka, I’m very kind to negatively, like winnings in us having love to movies.

On my own Mayday, I wrote a short script for the movie “Let's not be a year old” for my diploma robots, ale zrozumіli, who couldn’t take it for granted, so we had to replay them a little bit, I zrozumіla, I won’t be able to duplicate this robot from the TV tower, that’s why I gladly called out to the TV channel, which seemed to be playing rock and roll. So, having looked like my hat in film.

In 2015, I had fun spending time at the Festival of Short Films at Trіsti, I’m happy, thank you, I thought that I’m not bad and I need to go to the profession. Ale Poghati to Italy, I didn’t succeed, because we’ve been given a chance at the universities. I think at once: nevzhe tse bulo zovsіm recently? Yak mi miraculous people, who now don’t know. Ale Todi gave us a chance, and I’m able to overcome the film at the festival.

At my time, Mene Bouv has a complex of a young director. For this I stuck for half an hour to my first serialu, the producers of asked me a bit. I complexed it, so I’m such a poor director and a young director, before that we had a 60-year-old actress, I didn’t know how to do this, I did pure nejism, I showed it very much, I’ve been quieter, it’s all right , and I at once got sick of the whole complex.

Change, the director of leather is summed up, who is given you. I just reconciled with the thought of Duma. Tse zadadto folding profession, so that you can take care of it, but you do not like її.

Dress A.M.G

About the film "Viddana"

So, "Viddana" is the first and foremost meter, but for me, the biggest wiki was those that were historical, and the whole complex genre. Before the speech, when I read the book, I’ve read it, I’ve got a good grasp of Ukrainian literature, I read it like I did, just before the last list I got the novel "International" Zhadan.

Kinets of the 19th party, about how to walk with a romance, becoming for us just a story of history, like a mi rozpovіdaєmo. We didn’t want to try to sterilize the historical truth, although I wanted to, you know, we joked about information, we consulted with okremich food іz fakhіvtsyami. Sokrema, I roamed with a priest, my fragments are a hero, a Greek-Catholic priest, Lesya Patoka, our artist with costume, added bagato materials, ale overwhelmed us with zale, ale got their picture. To our little thought, history, yak mi rozpovіdaєmo, allowing you to choose a clever mind, who’s gotten magnetized.

IZ Sofіyu Andrukhovich got to know you for a lot of things: producer Nadiya Zayonchkovska asked me to take an interview from Sofiya, a piece of music for us to receive a video for the festival at Odessa. I ce Bulo cool, so I could put my food on the books and motivational heroes. But on the other hand, they were confronted with ziomki, and the center of the house was Sofya. Vaughn Bula is even better, I knew how much I knew about actresses, showed a pavilion, decorations, some miraculous buddies were encouraged for zyomok. I see that it’s a great deal for the author to take a look, like those who write and write materials on such a scale!

Our glances for sure to be beaten on the screen are beautiful. I know that in Ukrainian glance є enough to beat a hundred-thousand-year-old movie, before all of me in film-industry post-boomos, I don't want to love our movie. I want, so that there was a myth that people and I just went to the movies and beat the yogi, and what’s the better way to get the price, I’ll be happy.

Shirt Studio

About Zhіnok-reziserіv

In the theatrical university, they told us baguette that the female director was “a man in a skirt”, people who want to grow up and live in this way, want to have a good time with us, and we’ve gotten so much done, so we’ve got to know і men for the profession. I think that it’s at once infected and sexually explicit, you won’t just stink out of the director’s job, you won’t think about it, but I’ve got a situation, if I have a stockroom at my address, I’ve said, on zyomkah treba "vmikati alpha-samtsya", at that moment I am not worse than rosum, scho v_dpov_dati. I just want to know the movie, I don’t want to turn on chi wikklyuchi, I’m a girl, I’m a woman and I don’t give a boot to those who know on the famous Maidan, I’m the whole me. To rozum, scho such speech is not for evil to speak, but only stereotypes, so that we can make all of us all.

Dress Dafna May

About Maybutn

At me є tsіl і bazhannya znіmati all over the movie. Є at once the script, by writing my name, and all the same, the history, the comedy about the life of life, and all of the funs of fun.

I want to know more about those that are less commendable on that topic, and at the same time I want to know a feminist topic, and I want to know more about this topic. Tse mriya, ale tse varto robiti, Ukraine is certainly not whistled at all, there are more mid-stereotypes, though it’s a lot of bagato. That’s why it’s necessary to practice, so that you can take the trouble to go ahead, it’s useful, among other things, to fill in movies.

Dress A.M.G

Worked on the shooting:

Photographer: Sergey Vasiliev
Stylist: Anna Goncharova
Hairstyles and makeup: Maria Owl
Producer: Diana Melnikova
Stylist assistant: Daria Belousova

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