Dar’ya Averchenko about the wiki and pluses held at the Docudays UA Film Festival online

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The 17th International festival of documentary films about the rights of people of Docudays UA is kept online in Ukraine through quarantine. We’ve got a drink from Dar’ї Averchenko, a krivnі komunіkatsіyny vіddіlu festival, a member for the sake of vіdbіrkovo for the sake of wiki and plus raptovyh zmіn.

Why don’t you want to see the festival held if the bulletin is quarantined?

Right, I swore and talked all “for” and “against”. We won the festival offline about the quarantine quarantine. The hour of the press conference was held. It is unlikely that there would be a mirage of such a dramatic turn for the people with the most significant coronavirus. We checked, we’ve got 200 participants before us, and we had a lot of trips on a leathery day, we also waited for the guests to arrive, we explained that the festival is tolerable for Kinets.

Potent quarantine was promoted, and with a team of leathers, we climbed the zoom day. They spoke all the “for” and “protest”, rozumіli, scho poshat dati will also be the festival and the quarantine of all we can find one by one.

They discussed technology: how to organize a robot journal? Is the industrial section? Distance crossbar? Struggle with piracy? Ceremonies? How to restart the advertising campaign in the online solution … Robili technical tests. You came, as if you could save the best-in-class sound from the audience.

Suto emotsіyno bulo vidchuttya, scho fіlmi, yakі mi even pidduvali before showing at the time of the transfer of the festival will be old, spend time, not to lose time. Bulo v_dchuttya, scho gigantskuyu zobota zrobota і festival festival hour people. Also, it was driven by it online. I’ve got a bit of news about those who want to take part in Ukraine’s large-scale online film festival with contests and journalism, with discus- sions, and ceremonies.

Whatever happened to such a short term to translate the festival into an online format?

Heads of ambition and adventure of our team. We’re waiting for three minutes, so that you can plan and rethink your online format. We reformatted the festival office to a studio with an e-mail, a montage, a news room. The festival team was made up of people of different professions: middle-aged є directors, magazines, collaborators, programmers. We’ve found out all our dostvid, asked for additional technical team, and also zb_shlili v_ddil IT. We don’t have a blast, we’ve got a blast of tsikavo, how about all the precedents, how can you convey the atmosphere of Docudays UA online? Now I’m in a rosy mood, we’ve been able to navigate better;

For your commendations, did your audience appreciate the festival?

We could go ahead and show the film all Ukraine, as well as the birch trees of Docudays UA, who saw tilki in Kiev. In social markets, there were a lot of happy posts, having previously earned a drive to Docudays UA to Kyiv, and now you can be divorced without having to go to apartments. Surely, we were able to expand the audience for the racket of gladachiv in the regions. For vidgukami I can judge the same about those who wondered at us bagato p_dlіtkіv. The theme came to the festival and those that had quarantined bullets in schools, and they sounded good programs for a young audience. After the festival ended 10 grassroots with my plan for a rosilaty drinker vs_m, who registered at docuspace.org, so that you can learn more about our glances. Todim matimu bilsh detailed portrait of our audience. In the online movie theater camped on winter season, there were 18,000 glimpses. The auditorium of our streams – legal discussions, mayster classes, discussions with directors – more and more. Ale zavdyaki partnership platforms, on yaki stinks were streaming, dozens of tens of thousands to wander. For us, even the best indicator. Geographically, we were amazed by the whole of Ukraine, navigate Lugansk, Donetsk region and Krim.

Is it true that Ukrainian wonders to marvel at the home of lesser movies, less in movie theaters? Yakshko so, why is this due, in your opinion?

Before the films of the Ukrainian competition, the access was less than necessary for the dob. Ale Popri Tse Interes Bouv the Great, all the same Ukrainian Ukrainian Navi Svitov Prem’єri! The film “Earth is black, nib orange”, for example, for extras marveled more than 4,000 gladachiv. The figure is good. I would say, before the Ukrainian films at our festival, the most interesting, the most interesting, the review, the discussion with the social networks.

I think that it’s all due to the fact that already the Ukrainian documentary films began to appear not so long ago, the competition itself was lost too much for 2016. Prior to that, yogo simply didn’t mean anything – they knew less than one file. To that, I think, before tsoya apparition є special interest, much newer, more alive tsikava.

What was the bullet head rhizics for the organizer of the festival "pre-quarantine" era? How did you see them?

Competition with the highest cultural achievements in the capital. The great kilkost of cashless content has come to us from all kinds of museums, theaters, and online platforms. Ale mi guidedly displayed content. Our online dashboard showing, what we have є a loving audience, like a festival for any format, for our club, to talk about topics, like me hanging. We were worried about the right discourse of Rights Now! Nothing to be divorced from in the studio. In fact: online wih_d buv at a time of success. Now, come in did not compete with film shows in movie theaters and leather stores at our streams on Gromadsky, in the middle of 23-27 thousand people.

Selfless Wiki became self-insolation. Coordination of the remote distance, through the video conferencing the arc, helped the robot. I didn’t get drunk “not at the right”, on two separate breaks for a cell of wine mutilated.

What is the plus and minusi of the online format of the festival?

The plus is that you can reach more and more people and quiet audiences, who didn’t know about the festival before, we started to hear about the idea that the ok-ok movie was filled out by us. We had such “new hangers-on” bagato, we looked at comments from the social networks. Our online discussion of Rights Now !, lecture by DOCU / CLASS, Tet-a-tet Ukrainian directors with film critics could marvel at about 30 thousand. osib leather. We played on Youtube with an English translation for participants and guests of the festival for the cordon. At the cinema “Zhovten” we took 100 people at the DOCU / CLASS hall. I navigate, as long as we let out a lecture and a discus in the record, look at it in a numerical way.

There is one plus, but I’m sure that I’ll be important for you, leave the quarantine quarantine. Structurally experiencing one's own self and surviving one's own. All the same, the team’s trimatis in normal emotion form.

Minusi – it’s not possible for everyone to live for a collective negotiation and exchange of energy. Mi is a collective, a kind of dovgy hour pratsyu at once, to be friends. For us, it is important. Takozh mi zalezhnі vіd technology. Oskіlki studіya in ofіsі, іnodі brought the entrance to the street and viddanyati vid vіkna vantazhіvki, as if voiced voicelessly. For one hour one day, a thunderstorm and a vedena of leathers came into being once, when I vdvol_laetsya on grіm and bliskavka.

Could "ask" for Internet access – especially for the evening: even sit all at home and at least get re-established. Before 2 days, we imposed a system of distance translations, even we simultaneously synchronously Ukrainian and English, and transfers were also found in houses. In the office for them, it’s not too bad for them physically, but all the time they need to be at a safe distance from one.

What is the financial guarantee of per-hour quarantine and your online filing?

We’ve made it clear that all the shows should be shameless, even to us it’s important that our look is blimply. However, yakshcho є takі, hto є I can help us pidtrimati, why not? Our designer, Dasha Podoltseva, has come up with all kinds of cool and stylish t-shirts with a nice bag on her breasts and a pair of naplichniki. We want to proclaim everything to our online customers for a generous contribution. Suvenir duzhe actively bought out, literally losing their primaries. Ale Bulo was impatient outside, if our fans showed, they just want to stink, they’ve completely lost, and sovereign is not important.

Yak vi respect, transition to a digital format – at one o'clock, situation, what’s behind it maybutn?

We’ve got a lot of problems, and it’s even impossible to turn to the front format of the festival, to learn how to calm down the epidemiological situation. Sounds like a festival to go to the big screens, ale much more discussion and ceremony, all for everything, we will double in online versions. The same technology will come together with directors and directors, a well-known sound.

As a result, I’m focusing on the theme of the festival of the year, then, do you think, what kind of suspension have survived the quarantine and the fear of pandemics?

We will be able to! Ljudstvo viro violated new sounds too, having come to grips with bespeka. We all will definitely be able to repeat my hand. And yet quarantine can help re-establish our lively life. Now, let’s say, bagato b for submitting for lat love in the third quarter, or for getting to the movie theater.

Yakі visnovki especially vyrobili for themselves schyodo robots, close otochennya, hardship?

Spending friends with your friends (high-speed via video chat) and 10,000 hours (high-speed driving) is simply a must for visiting.

Photo: Volodimir Shuvaєv

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