Dantes Gift Ideas: What to Give When You're 30

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Only a few days are left before the holiday, and if you still do not know what to give your sweetheart, take a look at the advice of singer Vladimir Dantes, who told us his gift story.

Before Valentine's Day, the brain begins to boil. What to gift? It used to be easier – a postcard, chocolate, a movie. But when you are 30, this is not enough. Not enough to feel like a wizard.

Let's start with the fact that when we met with Nadia (editor's note: Nadia Dorofeeva, Dantes' wife), everything was not as "fabulous" as it is now. I remember that there was not very much money, and the amount of $ 400 seemed sky-high to me. But this did not stop me from spending it all on renting a room at the Opera Hotel. It was our anniversary, and we lay in bed all day. Then, of course, they got hungry and went for a happy milf to McDonald's. And then we felt the happiest. Just because they were there.

It used to be a luxury to go to a restaurant before. We allowed ourselves to have dinner at the restaurant once a month, and we were so pleased to see each other's happy faces, eating some exotic food. And we often wrote love letters and made gifts with our own hands.

Now everything is a little different: we became less likely to see Nadia, I want to give gifts more often from this. And the fun part is that we give each other usually those things that we feel sorry for ourselves to buy. Most recently, Nadia gave me sneakers, for which I was waiting for a discount. And I Nadia bought a Celine bag, with which she now does not leave.

In general, if you are now in the very situation when the brain is melting, choose from the list below:


Nadia, in principle, loves sneakers. What can I say – I also have a whole collection. There are, of course, far from cheap, but we are not 20 years old. We bought our crosses abroad (it seems, in America), but they can be ordered online.

IQOS Tobacco Heating Gadget

I drowned, drowned and will drown for IQOS! If a girlfriend or friend smokes, you can give IQOS. If you smoke, take IQOS for yourself. Your couple will immediately feel the difference. Do not chew gum before a kiss to remove the taste of an ashtray. It doesn't smell of smoke from you. In addition, smoking spoils health, and from the age of 30 it begins to feel stronger. Those you love (and yourself) need to be taken care of. Gold and White Aykos I like the most! Buy on iqos.ua.

WakeSurf Subscription

As a person who was carried away by wake before it became mainstream, I’ll say: catching a wave and rolling it on the board is a fantastic feeling. This is exactly the feeling that is worth giving to loved ones. My favorite wakespot is City Swell. There are season tickets for the whole season. If you like it, then at the same time the issue of the next gift has been resolved – your own wakesurf board.

Concert or Festival Tickets

If it does not work out with outdoor activities, there are other entertainments. Nadia and I really love music (unexpectedly, right?) And we love going to live shows. For a gift, I advise you to choose a ticket to one of the foreign festivals. Here you have both music and travel. My top: Sziget (Hungary), Primavera Sound (Spain), Tomorrowland (Belgium).

Something very personal

In fact, the price of a gift and its value are two different things. Something personal, a little nostalgic, understandable only to you two – more expensive than all the money in the world. I sometimes think, maybe, to book the same room in the Opera Hotel again, and then go to Mack for a happy milie? Or write her a song. Or make a secret YouTube channel and upload our memorable videos there. Because it doesn't matter where you are. The main thing is with whom.

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