Cultural program: Where to go in Kiev in September

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Music festivals and beach parties are left behind. But this is not a reason to be upset: we still have evenings with wine (and now a plaid) on the terraces, educational programs and cinema. In addition, in September everyone returns to their working rhythm, set new goals and become more conscious. For example, we have already made a march for animal rights and climate strike in the calendar, and this month we plan to read more and drink less aperol. After all, September is in the yard. Time to take on the mind, even if you no longer need to go to school.

"Literary Courage Bazaar"

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Jamala to perform at Literary Courage Bazaar

The September Courage Bazaar is traditionally dedicated to books. New Ukrainian publishers and old volumes, electronic and audio books, non-fixation and timeless classics – it's time to get a library for the fall. A Jamala charity concert awaits guests, as well as a lecture program that you could only dream about at the university: Irena Karp, Garik Korogodsky and Mark Livin will tell you how to write a bestseller, Rostislav Semkiv will share the secrets of a successful horror using the example of Stephen King, and Dan Pavlychko and Anna Kopylova from the publishing house "Fundamentals" will seek talent among young illustrators.

The books of 50 Ukrainian publishing houses will be presented on the market: "Vidavnitsvo of the Old Left", Yakaboo Publishing, "Basics", # bookseller, "Ridna mov" and "Our format". You can't imagine a better place for a literary weekend.

When: September 7-8

Where: VDNH, 1 Glushkova Ave.

All-Ukrainian Animal Rights March

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Viruchay! Entrance 15 Sunday about 12:00 to the Shevchenko park on the All-Ukrainian march for creature. #UAnimals illustration: @ olenka.illustrates

Publication by UAnimals (@ uanimals.official) Aug 28, 2019 at 8:49 am PDT

Protesting against circuses? Do not wear fur? The time has come when you need to declare your views and force the government to pay attention to them. The public organization UAnimals holds a march against any type of animal exploitation, including the ban on circuses and fur farms, advocates the introduction of rare species in the Red Book, the creation of a zoo police and the solution of several other issues. A thousandth march is more effective than Facebook repost.

When: September 15th

Where: Shevchenko Park

International March for Climate in Ukraine

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Publication from (@ 350org) Aug 27, 2019 at 12:12 pm PDT

The #GlobalClimateStrike initiative began a year ago with the sole protest of Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg, who today can compete in influence except with Angela Merkel. The ban on disposable plastic, the introduction of green transport and energy efficiency are what our future depends on.

Cancel all your plans for September 20 and set off to protect the environment. Your affairs will not matter anyway if the planet nevertheless dies. So pass it on to your boss – we are sure he will understand!

When: September 20

Where: register and stay tuned

Kyivness, edition 7: Salon d'Automne

A supervised vintage market closes the summer season at Countess Uvarova’s estate. This, by the way, is a good chance to visit the old palace, because it is usually closed for visiting. Offices with marble fireplaces, gold and silver bolrum will feature selected vintage from New York, Paris, Copenhagen, Rome and Barcelona. In addition to clothes, books, decor, perfumes, dishes and fresh flowers will be presented on the market. In the cozy garden, with live music, you can enjoy a gourmet bistro. Dream esthete, not otherwise!

When: September 21-22

Where: Uvarovs palace, st. Lipskaya, 16

don't take fake

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For Usa DTF Family

The ninth festival of street culture will double the previous ones: on an area of ​​15,000 square meters, Ukrainian and international brands will present new collections. A lecture program on brands and creativity, a large food court, music, sports and art zones awaits guests. On the territory of the former Tetra-Pak factory, they will organize skateboarding competitions, break dance battles and streetball championships. It will not be boring!

When: September 14-15

Where: M82, st. Mezhigorsk, 82

Frontier VR Art Festival

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The digital revolution vidkrila divovizhnі moglivostі for the radical rebuilding of the city. To protect the image of the city as a “machine for life” (Le Corbusier) digital technology form a new utopia – a city, in a digital way allow control and optimization of the mechanism of life. Digital utopia of wine-walking is the new age of the Moscow resident, who is on the way to the virtual and the real. What are the new features for digital digital utilities? What are you talking about for your knowledge and knowledge of the local digital culture? Yakі new forms of unity and enormous activity can win on the digital digital media, open space and public media art? For what reason, you can probably reach the lecture of Dmitri Petrenka on Sunday 14th at 16:00 at the Art Hubi “Samokat”. The entrance to the front of the registry, the power of the directors #frontiervrfest

Posted by Frontier VR Art Festival (@ frontier.fest) Aug 30, 2019 at 8:54 am PDT

The Frontier Festival invites you to move into the future, combining art with augmented reality. This year's theme is Reforming space: New monuments. She talks about how art and technology interact with each other and the space around, complement the material of the city and create a common experience for the townspeople. 6 art objects will be located throughout Kiev: opposite the Vernadsky library, on Shevchenko Boulevard, in the square on Lybedskaya Square, on Pechersk, near the monument to Philip Orlik, at the crossroads near the Dynamo Stadium and on Troieschyna. Come to move to the future for a couple of hours.

When: September 20-22

Where: M17 Contemporary Art Center, ul. Antonovich, 102-104

Photo Kyiv Fair 2019

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Photo Kyiv Fair 2019

The festival of modern photography is held in Kiev for the third time. On an area of ​​1,500 square meters there will be a gallery of photographs, publishing houses, special projects and an educational zone with lectures and discussions.

When: September 26-29

Where: Lavra Gallery, Lavra Lane 7

Opening of the Museum of Cinema

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Friends! 12 Sunday about 7 p.m. I’m asking for a credit to the Museum of Cinema!

The Cinema Museum opens in the Dovzhenko Center. The first exhibition “WUFKU. Lost & Found ”is dedicated to the activities of the“ All-Ukrainian Film Cinema Directorate ”, which stood at the origins of Ukrainian cinema. In the 1920s, he was even called Ukrainian Hollywood. The exposition will include rare film frames, newsreels and animations, archival documents and photographs. Ukrainian artists Alla Zagaykevich, Georgy Potopalsky, Sasha Burlaka, Anatoly Belov and members of the Sensorama Lab team working with augmented reality and modern technologies in art combined literature, music, design and visual art of those times to transfer viewers to avant-garde Kiev 1920- x years. Cinema, of course, will also be shown.

When: from September 12

Where: Dovzhenko Center, ul. Vasilkovskaya, 1

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