Cultural program: Where to go in Kiev in October

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Autumn rains are not a reason to stay at home and spend weekends watching TV shows. Especially when wine festivals and exhibitions of contemporary artists take place in the capital, and the rustle of yellow leaves takes you from Shevchenko Park to Cortazar’s novels. Let the closing of summer terraces not make you sad – in the autumn we are waiting for hundreds of events that will not let you get bored even in the most dull weather.

Kyiv Food and Wine Festival

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Dear friends, we know how much you like wine and sire, and I want to get all the nai-nai to our festival. Ale … not all! There will be a cool art-maidanchik in us, de vie you can show your creative work. You can paint the picture, and then … open the glass of wine! Say, it's cool – pour a sweetheart into the glass of wine, a kind of rosemaluv! Uhhh … I’m chekaєmo! What about vi?

Publication from Kyiv Food and Wine Festival (@ Sep 27, 2019 at 7:25 PDT

Traditionally, we begin our selection of cultural events with a wine festival. After all, is it possible to start a month better than with cheese and wine?

This year the Food and Wine Festival celebrates its 5th anniversary. Festival guests will taste 300 Ukrainian wines from local and international grape varieties, get acquainted with family and well-known wineries, taste the best imported wines and more than 300 types of cheese from craft cheese factories.

In addition, at the festival, you can suppress grapes in a large vat, join yoga classes with a glass of wine, listen to live music and lectures from winemakers, attend a workshop on uncorking a bottle without a corkscrew and compete in opening oysters for speed. There are no better plans for the weekend.

When: October 5-6

Where: VDNH

Moon recital

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Publication by LUNÁ (@kri_luna) Sep 3, 2019 at 3:56 am PDT

Kristina Luna organizes a large recital where she will present her new album “Moon Trance”. The singer conquered the music scene with gentle sound and clips reminiscent of aesthetic mini-films. Her new tracks and hits from the previous 4 albums – including “Sad Dance”, “Dolphins”, “Twinkle” and others – will sound on stage.

When: October 11th

Where: Dovzhenko Film Studio

Seasonal flea market

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Friends! We remind you that on October 5 we will have a seasonal flea market. From 13:00 to 21:00 at @ 19l6_ ⠀ The entry for the participants is still open

Want to update your autumn wardrobe without harming the planet? The cultural and educational project “House of Culture” arranges a seasonal flea market. Anyone can sell vintage items (even if you are not a buyer or a store owner), before contacting the organizers. Outerwear, suits, sweaters, jackets, shoes and accessories will be presented at the flea market, and you can have coffee in between purchases – a vintage market will be held in the 19l6 coffee shop. Free admission!

When: October 5, 13: 00-21: 00

Where: coffee house "19l6", st. Mikhail Kotsyubinsky, 6

Portrait. Oleg Dimov

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#shchac presents a personal project of the Odessa artist Oleg Dimov (@ o.dimov_art). For the additional conceptual and minimalistic photography of the highest level of those people’s knowledge and the greater number of suspensions. Yogo nova serіya Portrait of the image of people of nowadays epoch, if there are more than a few global global ideas, who will ruin people forward, and even if they are skinnier, they will invariably see them. At the center of Oleg Dimov, I’m selling a straight line, chatting with 2016 rock in the project Parade portrait. For new robots, more fragmentation and greater aesthetics are brought. The author of the story is the phenomenon of solo life, without scores, with a low degree of imagination and emphasis on the emotion of community. Often, the Portrait project of the image of lyudin, which is digitally in digital, didn’t forget about it, but didn’t describe it. Shvidkіst і effektivnost komunіkatsііnyh measure, naughty pace of life will rewrite our everyday life in іnformatsіynu 'meat grinder, so we themselves provoke shvidke, fragmentary, surface viewing without the ability to penetrate the surface. Mi is one at a time. Inkoly is self-reliant for the latter, that all of us are more dearly less woven fabric, but a sheath, as a serve as a security passcode for vzamoramozumіnnya. Cheer up one alone? Can you have fun at the thought of that thought? Come shukati vіdpovіdі on vіdkritti exposition 11 Sunday at 19:00. Go to the events for the suggestions from the profiles, Facebook Facebook asking about the date! Oleg Dimov – Ukrainian artist, photo artist, curator. Born 1986 rock in Balti, Ukraine. Zakinchiv Odeske art school im. M. B. Grekova. The participant is one of the founders of the creative group Gruppa. Laureate of the Special Prize # МУХi-2017. Presenting his personal projects at the Museum of the present mystery of Odessa and the Aurum Gallery in Odessa. Having taken a part in group shows in the Art Arsenal and the Institute for Problems of Urgent Mystery in Kiev, the Palace of Mysteries in Lviv and in the framework of IV and V Odessa National Bank of Urgent Mysteries. Having lodged with the role of curator and participant in the project “Odessa Contemporary Art” in the “Center of the Arts” at the Kharkiv Institute of Problems of Urgent Mystery in Kiev. Robots Oleg Dimov be in the collection of the Museum of the Mystery

Shcherbenko Art Center Publication (@shchac) Aug 30, 2019 at 8:51 am PDT

Shcherbenko Art Center holds an exhibition of Odessa artist Oleg Dimov. A series of works by Portrait tells about people of the modern era: the unifying ideas that drive society are left in the past, and each person becomes lonely.

With the help of conceptual and minimalistic photography, the artist explores the problem of human isolation and the breaking of society. Dimov draws attention to the digital space, the frantic pace of life and the glut of information, because of which we live superficially, without looking into the depths.

When: until October 11

Where: Shcherbenko Art Center, st. Mikhailovskaya, 22v

HeforShe Congress

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I want 77% of Ukrainians to wait, but the gender is important for them, and the rosewood omega will be shared with a stake of experts. Often you can come to terms, negotiating feminism and rzvnosti zagalі zalislyaetsya with his own family "bulbashtsі". The main є Idea Ruhu HeForShe є report of new henchmen and women, new ideas and new industries. The very same fate # HeForSheCongress2019 for the international format of public meetings at the conference. We can tell you that you are part of the social experiment, who will be able to live 17 hours at the Center for the Mystery of M17. Otzhe, 7 members – 7 leaders in their industry – 7 principles in terms of business and children's pluses (otherwise, I can help them. Who are the smiles? Marveling at the bіo⬆️

Publication by HeForShe Ukraine (@heforshe_ukraine) Sep 19, 2019 at 9:50 am PDT

The HeForShe Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality began in 2014, when Emma Watson, UN actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador, in her speech called on men and boys to participate in the fight for gender equality. Since then, UN Women has held educational conferences around the world, including in Ukraine.

This time, the organizers decided to arrange a social experiment: 14 men and women leaders for 21 days working to attract women to their business projects. Among the participants: Dmitry Kuleba, Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine, writer and human rights activist Larisa Denisenko, co-founder of Kyiv Academy of Media Arts Sergey Vovk and others. They will share their experience at the conference on October 17, the last day of the experiment. To participate, you need to register here.

When: October 17th

Where: M17 Contemporary Art Center, ul. Antonovich, 102-104

Exhibition “Paraska Tile-Goritsvіt. Podolannya gravitatsії ”

The new exhibition of the “Art Arsenal” is dedicated to the Hutsul artist Paraske Plytke-Gorytsvit. During the Second World War, she joined the national liberation movement, for which she spent 10 years in a correctional camp.

After returning, the artist did not leave her native Carpathian village and devoted her life to creativity: 4 thousand photographs, about 500 handmade books, hundreds of graphic works, sculptures and embroidery were preserved in her archives. Her works became evidence of the Soviet era in Western Ukraine and an example of creativity in the conditions of repression.

When: from October 17 to January 19, 2020

Where: "Art Arsenal"

Kedr Livanskiy Concert

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Posted by Cedar of Lebanon (@kedr_livanskiy) Sep 7, 2019 at 7:10 am PDT

Musician and producer from Moscow Yana Kedrina conquered the whole world with electronic sound and dance hits. In Kiev, she will present her new disc, Your Need, which was released in late spring.

The songs of Kedr Livanskiy tell about love, youth and music, transfer at the moment and at the same time return to fond memories, as if allowing you to travel to the past. Together with new tracks, she will perform the songs “Ariadne”, and the Kiev group Aircraft will perform with the new album on the opening act.

When: October 18

Where: Closer, st. Nizhneyurkovskaya, 31

Kyiv criticism

Film criticism week takes place in Kiev for the third time. This year, films of the new Hollywood, the last "golden age" of American cinema, will be shown during the festival.

The program includes “Apocalypse Today” by Francis Ford Coppola, “Taxi Driver” Martin Scorsese, “Carrie” by Brian De Palma and other cult paintings of the 70s. Films are shown in the original dubbing with Ukrainian subtitles, and after the screening the guests will have a discussion with film critics and curators of the festival.

When: October 24-30

Where: Zhovten Cinema

Concert of Onuka and Academic Folk Music Orchestra

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Istoriya MOZAЇKA – to be promoted. 25th anniversary of my presenting special live stream for the motives of the album by supervisor NAONI. It’s clear, it is not superfluous for you without surprises, but about them we will be able to pink out in a stretch of rock. Ticket for sale with 5 birch.

Publication by ONUKA (@onukaofficial) Mar 1, 2019 at 5:30 am PST

Singer Onuka will present her second album Mozaika in a new sound along with the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine.

Her hits will be performed on 40 national instruments: bandura, cymbals, kobza, lyre, goat bass, surrogate, flute, pipe, harp and many others. Modern dance tracks will receive a new interpretation using the centuries-old history of folk music.

According to the organizers, the Onuka and NAONI shows are an interactive project in which music, videos and messages merge together.

When: October 25th

Where: October Palace, st. Institutskaya, 1

"Happy Scary Birthday" Courage Bazaar "

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Posted by Courage Bazar (@kurazhbazar) Sep 25, 2019 at 5:52 am PDT

This year, the Courage Bazaar charity flea market unites its birthday with Halloween. Traditionally, guests will find a food court with the most delicious establishments in Kiev, a photo zone, a market for Ukrainian brands, as well as DJ sets from Katro Sauber, Zhenya Sugak and other Ukrainian musicians. Admission is free – the worse, the better!

When: October 26

Where: 19th pavilion of VDNH

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