Cultural program: Where to go in Kiev in November

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November is beautiful with the realization that autumn is almost over and winter has not yet begun. While frost and snowy slush have not made adjustments to cultural life, we give guidelines where to run for aesthetic pleasure and educational benefits.

Visual art

Rembrandt ™ (Khanenko Museum)

Until December 15

Ukrainian museums are an inexhaustible source of surprise and delight. Their storerooms contain unique masterpieces, each exhibiting of which causes excitement even among the spoiled Kiev public. The Museum of Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko is one of these. In late October, an exhibition opened in honor of the 350th anniversary of the death of the great Rembrandt van Rijn. Its exposition included genuine etchings of a genius from the Netherlands, paintings of his contemporaries, reproductions of the works of Rembrandt of the 18th-19th centuries. As a bonus – the museum’s stunning main collection.

“Sonya Delaunay: The rhythm of color” (Art Space Set)

From November 15 to December 15

The world-famous artist, the founder of one of the avant-garde art movements, a successful designer, the first woman creator whose retrospective exhibition was held in the Louvre during her lifetime, Sonia Delaunay has a direct relationship to Ukraine, as the curators of the exhibition want to tell. She was friends with Pablo Picasso, worked on creating costumes for the productions of Diaghilev. Unfortunately, there are almost no Delone works in Ukraine, except for two graphic works that will be presented at the exhibition in Set. The exhibition will also include archival documents and artifacts from the beginning of the 20th century.


“Living in Kiev” (Golden Gate Theater)

November 18th

The chamber, with its party, the Golden Gate Theater regularly delivers high-quality performances to the metropolitan audience. Comedies, touching life stories to tears, family dramas are synthetic genres for an audience that wants less pathos and more emotions. The premiere performance “Live in Kiev” will tell the real stories of those whom the capital has taken into its strong arms. The production texts – about love, the conflict of fathers and children, self-identification – were created by the popular Ukrainian writer Tanya Malyarchuk.

“Toxins” (Drama and Comedy Theater on the Left Bank)

November 23rd

Another Kiev theater, in which young governing blood joined, changing the institution of culture for the better. If you look through his poster, you want to go right away for everything: from the funny and touching “Stalkers” to the life-philosophical “Sea … Night … Candles …”. But since it’s about premieres, we’ll choose “Toxins” – a performance about the difficulties of living in society, where it’s hard not to poison someone with your “toxins”, and it’s almost impossible to resist the intoxication of others.


Maryana Sadovskaya (Dovzhenko Center, Scene 6)

November 14th

To be honest, this is not exactly a concert of the amazing Maryana Sadovskaya, it is even better. Continuing to bring the Ukrainian iconic cinema closer to the contemporary audience, the Dovzhenko Center invited the performer to accompany the film “Earth” by Alexandra Dovzhenko (1930) with her works. The tape, which entered the treasury of world cinema, will find a different sound.

Am I Jazz Festival? (Closer Art Center)

November 14-17

Modern jazz and improvisational music from the best performers of the genre for several days will not haunt connoisseurs of intellectual music. Fourth Am I Jazz Festival? will present a lineup, which includes famous names and no less vivid beginner groups. Boldly improvise and experiment will be musicians from Ukraine, USA, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Norway.

Jadan and the Dogs (Atlas)

November 22

Each concert of Kharkov ska-punks and the most famous poet of the country is a charge of energy for several days. To the rollicking songs “Dogs” about the first philological love or “drummer’s chick” you can, without hesitation, be yourself – dance and sing along, even when juicy profanity flies from the scene. In autumn, the group released a new, fifth album, “Madonna,” and its musicians will present at the Kiev concert.


New British Film Festival

From November 29

The New British Cinema Festival is a series of premiere screenings, press conferences and special projects dedicated to the best new films in the UK. This year the festival will be held for the 19th time, and the three-time Academy Award nominee, director Agnieszka Holland, will be the honorary guest of the film festival. She will move to Kiev to personally present the historical thriller Price of Truth. A co-production film from the UK, Ukraine and Poland tells the story of Welsh reporter Gareth Jones, who first announced the Ukrainian Holodomor in the Western press. Starring James Norton and Vanessa Kirby.


“Creative into Strategy” (Projector)

the 13th of November

If you, due to working specifics, have to deal with product promotion (from kefir to a music festival), you can’t do without knowledge about creating a brand, promoting it, and native advertising. In addition, it is important to understand what role creative plays in a promo. Svetlana Lobanova and Julia Alien, the leadership of the marketing agency Aimbulance, will help to understand.

Mobile photo workshop (Bazilik)

November 23-24

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Living in the modern world and not being able to take beautiful photos for social networks is impossible. What then is the point in everything that happens if an Instagram post gains only 30 likes? But knowledgeable people are ready to help. Photographer and videographer Anton Tkachenko, along with blogger Katerina Maksimenko, will teach how to get the most out of a smartphone’s camera.

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