Cultural program: What to do in Kiev in June

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Open-air parties, sunsets on the banks of the Dnieper and music until the morning – in June, Kiev turns into one big dance floor, where days and nights change to the sound of breaking glasses. In order not to get lost in time and the number of parties, we have compiled a guide on the main events of the capital in the first summer month.

Kyiv Wine

The fact that we started the selection from the wine festival is a good sign for the upcoming summer. For the third year in a row, Goodwine has been hosting the biggest wine festival in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. On the first day, guests are offered unlimited wine tasting – this means that you can drink wine in any quantities and without paying for each glass.

The festival will present the best winemakers from 20 countries of the world and a large food court with dishes from Mimoza Brooklyn Pizza, Vietnamese Greetings, Beef, Bakehouse, Favorite Uncle and Good Girl. Restaurants offer special menus for different sorts of wine. The holiday of hedonism will be accompanied by master classes from Michelin chefs, lectures on cheese, wine and proper nutrition, and even dinners with farm products. Wine unlimited, live music and delicious food – if there is paradise on Earth, then this is it.

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SELECTIVE WINES ⠀ Our douzhe zone is important in the degustation hall – Selective Wines, in the presentation of 60 wines from 1000 UAH. The zone is conceptually based on two parts. ⠀ In the first – the best wines for the assortment @goodwine_ua. The special features of the vibe somiel are based on the principle: finding a region, a variety of quality from the sign of a virobnik. "Bubble Joker" – it seems words. You should know here champagne vid bіodіnamіstіv @champagnedesousa – Cuvee Umami, cultus @temposvegasicilia_ Alion vintage 2014 roku abo sauter saunt wіd Chateau Doisy Daene 2008r. ⠀ Have a friend who will be able to get a tete-a-tete with cult burgundy at the Domaine Bertagna and the Maison Roche de Bellene collection by the collectors, at the same time Tuscany – @querciabella, with the help of our champions at the end of the day, who will be at home, and they will be at the start of the day, who will be at the start of the day, and they will be able to get the same amount of champagne, and they will get the same champions who will be at the start of the day and they will be at the cost of the Tuscany, who will get the same amount of champagne, and they will get the same champions who will be at home in the Tuscany … ⠀ There are 12 sommels for you є and a winnie bezlіmіt. ⠀ Flip around the position – at our highlights ит Kvitki – at a stake in professional

When: June 8-9

Where: "M82" (st. Mezhigorskaya, 82)

Don’t Take Fake Conference

The festival organizers Don’t Take Fake organize a conference on brands and creativity. For two days, professionals from the media, art and business will talk about "Yak cool has become cool." The speakers include street fashion legend Jeff Staple, VICE and The Guardian journalist Uba Butler, who made his way to Paris Fashion Week under the name of a fictional designer, and also co-founder of Highsnobiety, Jeff Carvalo, who shared with us the top 10 sneakers of the season.

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Yak to know your nіshu і stati medіabrendom – spravzhni casei at the DTF Conference

When: June 8-9

Where: StereoPlaza (pr-t Lobanovsky, 119)

Holiday street Kostelnaya

Once a year, Kostelnaya reincarnates into a noisy street, reminiscent of the south of France. Francophone Day is held in Kiev for the fifth time, which means that the scale of the holiday this time will surpass everything that we have seen before.

A hand-made fair will be held at Kostelnaya, theater performances and performances by Ukrainian and foreign musicians will be shown on two stages. Master classes, tastings, photo zones, food court with delicacies from around the world, a photo exhibition and an educational zone of French-speaking countries are waiting for the guests. As the organizers say, in order to love France, it is not necessary to be born with a French passport.

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Posted by Tres FRANCAIS (@tresfrancais_kiev) Apr 22, 2019 at 7:45 am PDT

When: June 9

Where: st. Kostelnaya

Social Media Week

The week of social networks is an ideal event for those who spend a day in front of the smartphone screen and earn a living from it. The subject of the event is stories. Not only those on Instagram, but also personal stories that everyone shares in their social networks. Lectures and workshops from Fedoriv, ​​Ukrposhta and SimilarWeb will be held at the conference, and leading marketers, PR managers and copywriters will share their knowledge and experience. At the festival, they will tell you how to make a business out of a personal page and use your potential wisely. Indeed, with great influence comes a great responsibility.

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12-13 chervnya 2019 rock Other conferencing vіd commanders @depositphotos and @crellogram, just like the part of the global global subsection @socialmediaweek.

When: June 12-13

Where: Office Depositphotos (21, Polevaya Street)

Concert alyona alyona

Back in October, Alena Savranenko worked as a teacher in a kindergarten near Kiev, and after a couple of months she performed at the Venice Biennale and entered the top 15 European musicians according to the New York Times. The girl is called the hope of the Ukrainian rap and the entire music industry, and her lyrics conquer even fans of the classics. The first solo concert is just the beginning of her fast-moving career.

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Tse just “Cannon.” You can make up zvidusil, you can nadihati that motivuvati, we can rozrivati ​​in the middle, you can torpatosya in the middle of a few little souls. In the 13 cores, I put in a piece of myself i May namir rozkachati them all. Listen to the album "Cannon" on the musical platforms. Lynk storіz. Publisher: @hitwonder

Publication by Alon (@ alyona.alyona.official) Apr 8, 2019 at 1:34 am PDT

When: June 14

Where: Green Theater (Parkovaya Road, 2)

Rhye Concert

Canadian musician Mike Milos first time arrives in Kiev. In 2013, he conquered the stage with his androgynous voice, instrumental sound and “new intimacy” in music. He released the first album with Danish musician Robin Hannibal, without revealing his name. Six years later, Mike did not change his sound and released the sensual album Blood, which he will present to Kiev fans.

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It is a dream to play the piano again. For piano brought back into my life. Listen at link in bio.

Publication by Rhye (@rhye) May 9, 2019 at 9:00 PDT

When: June 21

Where: Bel etage (16a, Shota Rustaveli St.)

Art breakfasts Très Français

The network of restaurants serving French cuisine offers an unusual format of brunch: frog legs and a two-hour lecture on art. Candidate of Philosophy Anna Bezhnar will tell about the work of Pablo Picasso in the series of lectures “Love Stories in Pictures”. Under the crunch of freshly baked croissants, you will learn about Picasso's muses, his relationship with women, and how each of them influenced the artist's work. For one Saturday morning, you can not only eat well, but also deepen your knowledge of art history. Every week – a new artist.

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Publication from Tres FRANCAIS (@tresfrancais_kiev) 29 May 2019 at 6:20 PDT

When: June 15th, stay tuned

Where: Très FRANÇAIS (Kostelnaya st., 3)


For the fifth time in a row, the Equality March is held in Kiev – an event of particular importance for the development of the country and the protection of the rights of the LGBT community. The theme of this year’s march is freedom, unity and struggle. Freedom is the ability to speak, act, and love the one you love. This is the right to fight for, and it’s best to do it together.

The organizers, the police and the city administration are working to ensure that this year’s march passes without obstacles, and each participant is sent a safety instruction.

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Mi radi present to you the program KyivskaPrayd 2019, yaku govali vіd utsogo heart of the day and night without sleep! Detailed announcements of events in the act of declaring themselves on our Facebook site from the roster of “podії”. Mortish in Bik

When: June 23

Where: stay tuned


The creative agency banda developed the identity of the National Art Museum, Eurovision and the brand of Ukraine, and now shares its experience at the first conference. The co-founders of the banda will talk about successful advertising, tenders and the creative process, and the educational day will end with an artist (his name is not yet called) and a DJ set.

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Publication from Banda Agency (@ May 16, 2019 at 9:03 PDT

When: June 27

Where: "M82" (st. Mezhigorskaya, 82)

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