Column Olga Fіlatovoї: "Detox – prevention of Maybut twig"

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Zasnovnitsya complex Edem Resort Medical & SPA, psychotherapist, active member of the British Association of Anti-Age Medicine Olga Fіlatova rozpovіdaє at her own column about those, so that you know the balance at 21 stoltіy th will be healthy at megalopolises.

We є we want "zavdyachuvati" industrial words, especially merit – – – important metals and chemical, as well as a great deal of miracle. Come on cadmium, lead, mercury, pesticides, herbicides, aluminum, mish'yak are given to us by the terms of chemistry. Ale stinky provoke better sounds for our rosemary disease: oncology, Alzheimer's, gout, diabetes, autoimmune illness, asthma, rosiynoy respect syndrome …

It’s better to notify, the “darunkіv” skills of the forensic toxin’s mi otrimuєmo are simply seen in the streets. But there is more to come. Nairashnіsche those who want to show respect for the severity of the critical situation, if they are invited to visit the guesthouse of a chemical otruєnnya. And the stinks are tramping around.

And I gave them food and life from the profits of the chemical industry, and don’t get around about it. The nature of toxins in organisms is greater, re-monetizing our detoxification system and provoking new seizures.

Rest quietly (up to 37 days old), reward yourself automatically clean yourself toxin. Ales z vіkom protidіya the mustache is weak, toxin bіlshche, і a twig, like a yankee viklikayut, tezh. An early symptom of a “innocent” shower is most often a chronic discomfort without any kind of cause. І provocation of yogo may be: alcohol, kava, vikurena cigar chi is commonplace. Tobto be a yak part of our everyday life.

Before me, they were wrapping up winter clothes. In the middle of them are allergies, sensitivity has been given up to time, chronological and infectious diseases, inadequate anxiety, headaches, lock-up, loss of awareness, problems with memory, trembling.

At the early stages of the re-establishment of detoxification systems, there may be no obvious signs of twigs. Ale be-yak zvoryuvannya can provokuvati tsі manifest For example: like a cold, I’m going to have a great deal of tears, a big deal of bitching, a little shout. That is why about the introduction of toxins, it’s necessary to twig, but not to the insights of the Russian people.

Toxini is much closer, you can see

Schob save yourself and your health, it’s necessary to know the nobility to fight with. Cadmium, lead, mercury, aluminum, mish'yak, pesticides and herbicides, chemical bisphenol A, POPs-phthalates, retail stores, benzene – the main axis of the recycle, which are most likely to be worn out.

Often name usi should sound superficially, niibi іkh і mute to our life. Here I am giving away, I won’t forget it. Nastilki close, scho mi navіt not p_dozryumo.

Knowledge – from the past

Naikrashche middle ground for Mish'yaku – water, rice, chicken. Cadmium – our cigarettes, dim and navigate products. Mercury in rib, rib’s fat, preparations with omego, amalgam fillings, and products of the first stage. Bisphenoli є for plastic, aluminum for dishes, POPs, PCBs for farmers rib. And phthalatics hovayutsya in subjects gіgієni and cosmetics.

First of all, there’s no need for cigars and no cadmium, then the products are purely omega mi live for good health. And the main thing is “herbal medicine” of India and China, with the constant dzherel – the whole range of mercury, aluminum and mishyak.

The toxic problem is widespread in the high industrial regions, so do not wait for the development of good health and well-being.

Those who want to talk to our phone

I often get into trouble: what about toxins? However, flailing around on a bagator, I’m a victorious criterion. How can I find a person who is inadequate with the human body and the skills of rock to rely on those who want to get out of the syndrome of “hunger for civilization”? The axis of the axis is significant.

I results: cadmium delivery to the organization 16 days, mish'yak – 4 days, benzene – 1 day, lead – 1.5 months, and at lists up to 2 rocks, mercury – 2 months, and PCBs – 3 days. up to 25 rockies!

Checklist of a healthy resident of a megalopolis

The correct way of life. As a rule, symptoms of toxicity – increase physical symptoms up to 3 times per trivial period of 2 years. Chim bіlshe pіtnієte, tim more beautiful.
Axiom, I won’t even need a yak: saunas, boors no less than 1 time per day. Forget about alcohol after procedures, all the more to save your health. You stimulate the process of detoxification and the ontage of organism with the latest toxins. You can simply forget about the introduction of important metals.
Live organically virologically. You can do it yourself, if you want any kind of gratitude, you want to buy it, and you want to take an excursion at the center of the city. Statehood is guilty of knowing no less than 10 km of the city center, 30 km of the city center is 30 km away from the city center, de є bagato agrarian ugly.
Unique toxin. Retrieve the makeup, make-up chemicals, textiles, and collect the veiled magazines.
Make your thoughts think positively – detox rosum is just as important as detox tila.
To wrap your eyes around, a little help competently go to the detoxification of your body.

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