Love in Photos: Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes

11th October 2019

SHARE On the day she met Ted Hughes, Sylvia knew that their relationship would end tragically. “One day I will die from him,” she wrote in her diary. It is not a matter of poetry or even the ability to predict the future: a girl from her youth suffered from severe depressive disorder and tried […]

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Cultural program: Where to go in Kiev in October

3rd October 2019

SHARE Autumn rains are not a reason to stay at home and spend weekends watching TV shows. Especially when wine festivals and exhibitions of contemporary artists take place in the capital, and the rustle of yellow leaves takes you from Shevchenko Park to Cortazar’s novels. Let the closing of summer terraces not make you sad […]

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What's inside: Album of photos "Stations of the Soviet metro"

1st October 2019

SHARE Canadian photographer Christopher Herwig has released a book-collection of photographs of the stations of the Soviet metro with the same name. Until 1991, 13 underground movement systems were created on the territory of the former Soviet republics, of which the Moscow Metro is the oldest and largest. The Kiev metro today consists of 3 […]

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7 Wellness Commandments from Gwyneth Paltrow, Healthy Life Guru

27th September 2019

SHARE Wellness guru, actress, adept in good nutrition and all kinds of healing practices. When it comes to wellness, Gwyneth Paltrow is second to none. The actress on this account has no compromises: she uses healing crystals as sex toys and bee stings instead of cosmetic procedures. The result is not long in coming: at […]

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What's inside: Elon Musk sold one of his mansions in Los Angeles for $ 3.9 million

26th September 2019

SHARE Elon Musk sold one of his many mansions in Los Angeles for $ 3.9 million. According to Ilon himself, the American film director Jason Weiner (known for the film "Arthur: The Perfect Millionaire" and the TV series "New Girl") bought the house with his wife, actress Jackie Seyden. True, the representative of the couple […]

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What's inside: Simon Port Jacques opened a new restaurant in Paris

25th September 2019

SHARE Simon Port Jacques, French designer and creative director of Jacquemus, has announced the opening of our new restaurant, Oursin. This is the second restaurant of the designer. The first, Citron by Jacquemus, was opened in March this year at the Galeries Lafayette department store on the Champs Elysees in Paris. The designer shared the […]

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What's inside: Kanye West sells an apartment in New York for $ 4.7 million

24th September 2019

SHARE After buying a ranch in Wyoming for $ 14 million, Kanye West decided to put up for sale an apartment that the rapper had acquired back in 2004. The apartments are available for $ 4.7 million through CORE Real Estate. The two-story apartment is located in the famous Soho area in Manhattan and was […]

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What's inside: What will the updated N. Kostomarov library look like

23rd September 2019

SHARE In Kiev, reconstruction of the library named after Nikolai Kostomarov, which is located in the Shevchenkovsky district. According to the head of the Shevchenkovsky RSA Oleg Garyaga, "it will be a modern library, reconstructed to all modern standards." In the territory of the updated library, they plan to open a mobile observatory, which will […]

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What's inside: The Twist Bridge Museum opens in Norway

20th September 2019

SHARE In Norway, in the Kistefos Sculpture Park, The Twist Museum of Modern Art has opened. The total area of ​​the space was 1000 square meters and is a twisted bridge over the river. The museum was designed by the Danish architectural bureau BIG Bjarke Ingels and consists of three sections: a bridge, an open […]

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What's Inside: Airbnb Service Offers Renting A Castle From Downton Abbey

18th September 2019

SHARE Hikler Castle in Hampshire, where the series Downton Abbey was filmed, can be rented. Airbnb’s rental service has taken this initiative ahead of the premiere of Downton Abbey. The opportunity to rent a castle was provided by the owners of Highclair, Count and Countess Carnarvon. True, only two fans of the series will have […]

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