How to deal with emotional burnout at work and is it necessary?

10th August 2020

SHARE CEB, or burnout syndrome, is a condition often referred to as emotional exhaustion. If you feel permanently physically and mentally tired, suddenly you become uninterested in your favorite activities, you get annoyed and feel angry – all these are symptoms of SEV. Too fast pace of life, abandonment of one's desires, when work and […]

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Nastya Chernikina talks about Aquamarine IQOS 3 DUO

7th August 2020

SHARE I remember the moment when I decided that there would be only perfect things in my life. Things that will really delight me every time I use them. In quarantine, the whole world paused, work moved home, and shopping online, but I had a great time. I managed to do a lot that my […]

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Like Addiction: How To Learn To Take Selfies That Will Like Others

6th August 2020

SHARE Back in 2013, selfies became so popular that they recognized it as the word of the year in England. Even added to the Oxford English Dictionary. It seems that interest in selfies will never disappear. Literally translated, selfie sounds like "myself" or "self." Now this term denotes special types of the author's photographic portrait. […]

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The weight loss bar is not effective: an honest guide from a fitness expert

4th August 2020

SHARE Popularity grows – myths grow. This rule even applies to fitness exercises. Plank is one of the most famous and suffered from "mythology". They say that the plank helps you lose weight, that exercise is suitable for everyone, that the longer you stand, the better. Together with a fitness expert and co-founder of a […]

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August program: Where to go and what to do if you plan to go to Odessa

3rd August 2020

SHARE This year Odessa has become a real tourist center of Ukraine with a large number of events in various places. We have compiled a selection of locations with the main events of the last month of summer. Spoiler: Odessa Museum of Contemporary Art, Green Theater and PORT. Odessa Museum of Contemporary Art Exhibition "Bezmezhzha […]

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Psychologist tells: How to deal with laziness and apathy

31st July 2020

SHARE The people believe that a person is born lazy. As if he is spoiled. In psychology, the concept of laziness is not considered as a character trait. Laziness is lack of motivation or low motivation. Psychologist and psychotherapist Olga Golubitskaya talked about the reasons for laziness, about its impact on life and whether you […]

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Model Inessa Lee about the peculiarities of life in California

29th July 2020

SHARE Model and singer Inessa Lee moved to California from Ukraine 12 years ago to participate in the Models Around the World show. During this time, the Golden State became a second home for her. Inessa told L'Officiel about what the Californian lifestyle is. Anyone can live the Californian way. The main thing is to […]

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From Queen Pendants to Ocean's 8 Necklaces: The Most Beautiful Jewelry in Movies

27th July 2020

SHARE Imagination is what ultimately sets us apart from our evolutionary ancestors. One word is enough to create a whole bunch of ideas and images. For example, pendants. Dumas or D'Artagnan in a hat with feathers? It doesn't matter what first surfaced in your mind, the main thing is that you are instantly transported to […]

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Instagram of the day: Copies of branded bags that were collected from the trash. Instructions are attached

20th July 2020

SHARE A couple from Italy, Mateo Bastiani and Chiara Vituso, maintains an account on the Camera60studio instagram, which publishes pictures of bags created from recycled materials. Mateo and Chiara use boxes of coffee, beer, sweets, shoes and other packaging materials to create bags of famous brands. The couple’s first product was the Balenciaga Bazaar bag, […]

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5 best fashion podcasts for those who want to understand fashion

13th July 2020

SHARE Fashion – an emphasized visual industry based on images and vision, increasingly uses the power of voice as a tool for building the brand’s universe. We tell how the main fashion houses today turn to podcasts and give a new meaning to the concept of “loyal audience”. Podcasts became a new stage in the […]

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